Normal Procedures

  1. How to preflight oxygen mask
    • Select the status display.• Oxygen mask – Stowed and doors closed• RESET/TEST switch – Push and hold– Verify that the yellow cross shows momentarily in the flowindicator.• EMERGENCY/TEST selector – Push and hold– Continue to hold the RESET/TEST switch and push theEMERGENCY/TEST selector for 10 seconds. Verify that theyellow cross shows continuously in the flow indicator.• Verify that the crew oxygen pressure does not decrease more than100 psig.• If the oxygen cylinder valve is not in the full open position, pressurecan:• decrease rapidly, or• decrease more than 100 psig, or• increase slowly back to normal• Release the RESET/TEST switch and the EMERGENCY/TESTselector. Verify that the yellow cross does not show in the flowindicator.• Normal/100% selector – 100%• Crew oxygen pressure – Check EICAS– Verify that the pressure is sufficient for dispatch.
  2. Verify that the flight mode annunciations are correct
    – autothrottle mode is blank– roll mode is TO– pitch mode is TO– AFDS status is FD
  3. Fuel Quantity.................................................................................. Check
    Verify fuel on board is equal to or greater than minimum fuel listed onthe release plus expected taxi fuel burn.– Previous fuel on board plus fuel loaded should be checked forreasonableness.– Check to ensure fuel quantity indicators agree with fuel listed onthe FMC.
  4. Verify CDU Display is set for departure
    Normally the PF selects the CLIMB page.– Normally the PM selects the LEGS page.
  5. Start Clearance
    Obtain a clearance to pressurize the hydraulic systems.• Obtain a clearance to start the engines.
  6. If the tow bar is connected, do not pressurize the hydraulic systems until
    nose gear steering is locked out.Unwanted tow bar movement can occur
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Normal Procedures
Normal Procedures