1. Syndicate
    A group of ppl or organizations that work together to achieve a particular aim
  2. Dupe
    To trick someone into believing sth that is not true or into doing sth that is stupid or illegal
  3. Reconnaissance
    The use of soldiers or aircraft to go into an area to get info about an enemy
  4. Truculent
    Easily annoyed and always ready to argue or fight
  5. Viable
    Able to be done, and always worth doing
  6. Brazen
    Behaving in away that is not moral or socially acceptable, and not caring if other ppl are shocked or offended
  7. Rappel
    To come down the side of a cliff or mountain using a rope that is fastened to the top of the cliff or mountain and to your body
  8. Reprieve
    A decision to stop or delay sth bad that was going to happen
  9. Oblong
    A shape that is longer that it's wide
  10. Bureaucratic
    Involving a lot of complicated rules, details, and processes
  11. Precocious
    A precocious child is more intelligent or behaves in a more developed way than you'd expect for their age
  12. Subordination
    Having less power or authority than someone else
  13. Insubordination
    Behaviour in which you refuse to obey or show respect for someone who has authority over you
  14. Purge
    • To remove ppl suddenly or violently from an organization, a group.etc
    • To remove a bad or unpleasant condition or feeling from someone or sth
  15. Vie
    To compete with other ppl for sth that's difficult to get
  16. Bristle
    To be angry or offended about sth
  17. Graft
    A piece of skin, bone.etc. from one part of your body used to replace or repair a damaged part of your body
  18. Jargon
    Special words and phrases that are only understood by ppl who do the same kind of work
  19. Calibrate
    To check or change a piece of equipment used for measuring things in order to make it accurate
  20. Chummy
    Chummy ppl are friendly with each other, especially in a way that stops other ppl from joining the group
  21. phosphorescence
    Producing a weak light without any heat
  22. Mire
    An unpleasant situation that you cannot easily escape from
  23. Embroiled
    Involved in a difficult situation
  24. Propensity
    A natural tendency to behave ina particular way
  25. Bivouack
    To spend a night in a temporary camp
  26. Fjord
    A narrow section of ocean between high rocks
  27. Phobia
    A very strong feeling of dislike or being afraid of someone or sth
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