The Outsiders

  1. Who is the narator in the book? How old is he?
    The narrator of the book is Ponyboy. He is 14 years old.
  2. What happend to the Curtis boys' parents?
    The parents died in a car crash.
  3. What are the names of the two "goups" in the book?
    The Socs and the greasers.
  4. What is the differance between tough and tuff?
    • Tough means rough
    • Tuff means rough
    • Both considerd compliments
  5. Why do the Socs beat up Ponyboy on his way home from the movies?
    It is not clearly stated in the book. The Socs jump Ponyboy for no good reason or just for him bieng a greaser.
  6. Why does Ponyboy have a hard time with his older brother(Darry)?
    Because Darry is rough on Ponyboy to be good in school and to not get into any trouble. Since his parents dies Ponyboy, Soda Pop, and Darry were livind alone and Darry took on the father role of the family because he is oldest. This puts alot of pressure on Darry.
  7. How does Ponyboy discribe himself as bieng different from the rest of the greasers.
    Poyboy is the youngest of all of them and the only reason that he is in the group is because his two older brothers were friends with the rest of the pack...
  8. How did Two-Bit get his nickname?
    Two- Bit always has to have that last say, and it always is a funny or rude joke. He always has to get his "two=bits" worth.
  9. How does Ponyboy feel about Steve? Why?
    Ponyboy doesnt really like Steve because he thinks of Ponyboy as a tag-a-long and only part of the group because he was a brother of the original group members.
  10. Why is Dally different from the rest of the gang?
    Dally is differnet because Dally was part of a real gang back in NY and he was arested at the age of 10
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