body idioms

  1. at the foot of
    at the bottom of (hill ect)
  2. to cost an arm and a leg
    to be very expensive
  3. to cry your eyes out
    to cry a lot
  4. to fall head over heels in love (with sb)
    to fall madly and completely in love
  5. to foot the bill
    to pay the bill
  6. to get cold feet
    to suddenly feel that you are not brave enough tp do sth
  7. to get sth off your chest
    to tell sb sth that you've been worring about
  8. to get up sb's nose
    to annoy sb
  9. to give sb a hand (with sb)
    to help sb do sth
  10. to be glad to see the back of sb/sth
    to be happy to see when sb leaves
  11. to have sth on the brain
    to be obsessed by sth
  12. to have your eye on sth
    to have seen sth what you want to buy
  13. to have/give sb a head start
    an advantage over a competitor
  14. to head home
    to leave in rder to go home
  15. i can't put my finger on
    to know that sth is wrong or different but be unable to say exactly
  16. i couldn't keep a staight face
    i couldn't stop laughing
  17. i don't know off-hand
    i can't tell/answer untill i've checked first
  18. i'd give my right arm to
    i'd really like to
  19. in the eyes of the law
  20. to keep an eye on sb/sth
    to look after sth/sb
  21. to know somewhere like the back of your hand
    to know the particular place very well
  22. to learn to stand on one's own two feet
    to learn not to depend on others
  23. to make/lose money hand over fist
    to rapidly make/lose a lot of money
  24. off the top of one's head
    information which given immidiately without full knowledge
  25. sth is on its last legs
    sth is in very bad condition
  26. to put your foot down
    to become strict
  27. to set eyes on sth
    to see sth for the first time
  28. to set your heart on sth
    to really want sth
  29. sth happens right under one's nose
    sb doesn't notice when sth happens as they are close to sth
  30. to stick your nose into other people's business/affairs
    interfere in a situation which doesn't concern you
  31. to think on your feet
    to be able to give good answers to unexpected questions
  32. with an eye to
    in order to (+n/ing)
  33. written all over your face
    to show how you really feel
  34. to have to hand it to sb
    you have to admire and respect sb
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