Geography 313

  1. Define Soil
    The uppermost layer of land surface that plants use and depend on for nutrients, water and physical support
  2. Give the three components of soil
    • Mineral particles
    • Detritus
    • Soil organisms feeding on Detritus
  3. when it comes to vegetation what do soils determine
    Soil determine the nature of vegetation that is able to survive in that environment
  4. Soils is natures _________ system
    Soil is natures RECYCLING system
  5. Name the five soil forming factors
    • Climate
    • Parent Material
    • Topography
    • Biota
    • time
  6. What scale do we look at in terms of the climate of a soil (macro or micro)
    We look at the MACRO scale of climate when referring to soil
  7. What is often considerd to be the most dominant soil forming factor in terms of the five seen above
    • The five are
    • Climate
    • Parent material
    • Topography
    • Biota
    • Time

    CLIMATE is often considerd to be the dominant soil forming factor specifically temperature although he didnt mention that in his slides
  8. When it comes to Topgoraphy what is it you should think of in realtion to the sun
    • North Versus South facing slopes
    • South facing slopes recieve more solar energy and hence are warmer and drier
  9. What else should be thought of in regards to topography
  10. What impact does altitude have on soil
    Higher altitudes means more precipitation, potentially in the form of snow and cooler temperatures
  11. Whats one more thing to think of in relation to topography specifcally in regards to the slopes and or vallys of an air
    Drainage is key. on a big slope with a large valley draiage will be high on the slopes and hence low in the vally creating stagnent areas of water.
  12. Define parent material
    Parent Material - The mineral substrate on which the soil is developed on
  13. What does vegetation add to the soil
    the death of vegetation will create organic matter on which other forms of vegetation may prosper on
  14. Time
    just time how long the soils been there whats happened to that soil in that time frame etc.
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