PMP Module 1

  1. Three types of organizational structures
    • Functional - Silo
    • Matrix - two bosses (weak, balanced, strong)
    • Projectized - no home
  2. Advantages of Functional Organization
    • team members can work on multiple projects
    • technical expertise remains within functional area
    • functional area serves as "home" after project completion
    • expert knowledge and support exists in functional area
  3. Disadvantages of Functional Organization
    • Team motivation more difficult to achieve and or sustain
    • Needs of the project are secondary to functional area
  4. Advantages of Matrix Organization
    • Enhanced functional area communications
    • Efficient use of resources
    • Team members have functional "homes" after project
  5. Disadvantages of Matrix Organization
    • Team member supports two managers
    • More Complex to monitor and control
    • resource allocation may be difficult to manage
    • Increase potential for conflicts and team priority management
  6. Project Expeditor
    Acts primarily as a staff assistant & communications coordinator & can't make or enforce decisions
  7. Project Coordinator
    Similar to Project Expeditor except has some power to make decisions, some authority and reports to a higher level manager
  8. Advantages of a Projectized Organization
    • Project manager has full authority over the project
    • Team members report to one manager
    • Communication is focused, decisions are made quickly
  9. Disadvantages of Projectized Organization
    • Duplication of resources / redundant use of equipment & people
    • Organizational goals & policies are ignored
    • Minimal exposure to functional expertise / synergy
    • No functional "home" creates concern (& delay) for projects completion
  10. Baseline 3 Types
    Scope, schedule, and cost agains which the project manager will need to report project performance. They are created during planning, can be changed but should not be an easy thing to do
  11. Scope baseline
    The project scope statement, work breakdown structure and WBS dictionary
  12. Schedule baseline
    The agreed upon schedule including the start and stop times
  13. Cost baseline
    The time phased cost budget
  14. Historical information
    • Record of past projects. Used to manage future projects. May include:
    • Activvities
    • Lessons learned
    • WBSs
    • Benchmarkss
    • Reports
    • Risks
    • Estimates
    • Resources needed
    • Project management plans
    • Correspondence
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