embryology glossary

  1. adolecence period
    "teenager' puberty to adulthood
  2. adulthood period
    adult adolescence to old age
  3. amnion
    embryonic/fetal membrane which gives rise to the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby
  4. artery
    vessel that carries blood away from the heart
  5. blastula
    ball-like mass of cells in thge embryonic period with fluid-filled (amniotic fluid) center
  6. childhood period
    child one year to puberty
  7. chorion
    embronic/fetal membrane that surrounds the amnion
  8. chromosomes
    structures in the nucleus of a cell that contain the genes (responsible for heredity) for genetic expression
  9. DNA
    Deoxyribonucleic acid, the molecular basis for herdity, it is present in chromosomes
  10. Dominate Gene
    a gene that produces a recognizable effect in the organism
  11. ectoderm
    external primary germ layer, gives rise to: Nervous Tissue, Epidermis & it's appendages, & Linnings of mouth and anal canal
  12. ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy)
    anytime a fertilized egg attempts to develop outside of th euterus. most common is a tubal pregnancy.
  13. embryology
    study of human anatomy before birth
  14. embryonic period
    fertilization through 8th week (through the 2nd lunar month or 56th day)
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embryology glossary
embryology glossary