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  1. What does Energy Equal?
    E = cp = m[rest]c^2
  2. 1 eV equals how many Joules?
    1.6 x 10-19 Joules
  3. Mass of the electron in eV?
    .511 MeV
  4. Mass of the proton in eV?
    938 MeV, about 1 GeV
  5. What is Avogadro's number?
    Na = 6 x 1023
  6. How much is one "u" atomic mass unit, it eV?
    931 MeV/c2
  7. What does rest mass equal?
  8. What is the charge of the electron in Coulombs?
    1.6 x 10-19 C
  9. How do you calculate the binding Energy?
    Coulombs force law
  10. What is momentum in terms of velocity?
    p = γumru
  11. What is energy in terms of velocity?
    p = γumrc2
  12. E' Lorentz transformation, with respect to v, velocity of observer is:
    E' = γvE - γvΒvcp
  13. cp' Lorentz transformation, with respect to v, velocity of observer is:
    cp' = - γvΒvE + γvcp
  14. What is the mass of a neutron?
    approximately the mass of a proton, 1 GeV
  15. What is typical spacing between a nucleus and an election?
    1 Angstrom
  16. What is the relationship between energy, mass and momentum?
    E2 - (cp)2 = (mrc2)2
  17. What is beta2 in terms of gamma?
    1 - 1/γ2
  18. What is the energy of a photon?
    E = cp = hυ = hc/λ
  19. What is the power radiated by a moving charged particle? (Thanks Maxwell)
    P = (2/3) (e2/c2) (a2)
  20. What is the value of h, planks constant in terms of "hc"
    1240 eV Nm
  21. What is the energy in eV at a given wavelength λ of light?
    E = hυ = hf = hc(f/c) = hc(1/λ)
  22. What is Intensity in terms of Energy per quanta?
    I = hυ * number of photons per time per area
  23. How do you count the number of photons?
    Intensity times area times time divided by hυ
  24. What is the photoelectric effect?
    Shining uv light on one parallel plate causes current. Increase voltage to other side of plate and determine the stoping voltage.
  25. How do you measure KE in the photoelectric effect?
    K = eVstopping
  26. What is the Compton wavelength?
  27. What is change in wavelength due to Compton effect?
    λc(1-cos x)
  28. How are X-rays produced?
    accelerate electron into metal, it shoots off X-rays
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