Appendicular skeleton

  1. FEMUR
  2. Head of femur
  3. Neck of femur
  4. Gluteal tuberosity
    Superior posterior aspect. Below greater trochanter
  5. Pectineal Line
    Below lesser trochanter
  6. Intertrochanteric Crest of Femur
    Posterior aspect. Between trochanters
  7. Greater trochanter
  8. Lesser trochanter
  9. Linea aspera
    Posterior aspect
  10. Medial and Lateral condyles of femur
    Siding: Lateral side lines up with the greater trochanter
  11. Medial and Lateral epicondyles
    Above condyles
  12. Patella
    Siding: The side it falls on is the side
  13. TIBIA
  14. Medial and Lateral condyles of Tibia
    Superior portion
  15. Tibial tuberosity
    Anterior aspect
  16. Medial malleolus
    Siding: medial side, Tibia
  17. FIBULA
  18. Head of fibula
  19. Lateral malleolus
    Siding: Lateral side. Fibula. Tip posteriorly.
  20. Clavicle
    • Sternal end
    • Acromial end
    • Conoid tubercle down
  22. Medial, lateral, and superior borders of scapula
  23. Inferior angle of scapula
    Point at bottom
  24. Spine of scapula
    Posterior aspect
  25. Acromion process
  26. Coracoid process
  27. Supraspinous fossa
    Above spine
  28. Infraspinous fossa
    Below spine
  29. Subscapular fossa
    Anterior side
  30. Glenoid fossa
    Siding: fossa on the lateral side articulating with the humerus
  31. Supraglenoid and infraglenoid tubercles of scapula
    Above and below glenoid fossa
  33. Head of humerus
  34. Greater and lesser tubercles of humerus
  35. Lateral and medial supracondylar ridges of humerus
  36. Intertubercular groove
    Anterior aspect
  37. Anatomical neck
  38. Deltoid tuberosity
    Siding: Lateral side. Opposite head
  39. Medial and later epicondyles of humerus
    Above condyle (capitulum and trochlea)
  40. Olecranon fossa
    • Articulates with olecranon (elbow)
    • Porterior aspect in anatomical position
  41. Coronoid fossa
    • Anterior
    • Bottle opener
  42. Capitulum of humerus
    • Siding: lateral side. Opposite head
    • Part of the condyle of the humerus
  43. Trochlea
    • Siding: medial side
    • Same side as the head.
    • Part of the condyle of the humerus
    • Articulates with trochlear notch of ulna
  44. RADIUS
  45. Head of Radius
  46. Neck of radius
  47. Radial tuberosity
    • medial
    • Inferior to neck of radius
  48. Styloid process of radius
    • Siding: lateral side
    • Anatomical position!
  49. ULNA
  50. Olecranon process
    • Elbow
    • Articulates with olecranon fossa
  51. Coronoid process of ulna
    Articulates with coronoid fossa
  52. Trochlear notch
  53. Radial notch of ulna
    • Siding: lateral
    • Below trochlear notch
  54. Ulnar tuberosity
    Inferior to notch
  55. Head of ulna
  56. Styloid process of ulna
    • Medial
    • Anatomical position
  58. Talus
    • Head is medial and anterior
    • Inferior side is faceted
  59. Calcaneus
    • Faceted superior
    • Medial process
  60. Tarsals--> Metatarsals--> Phalanges
  61. MT1
  62. Phalanges
    Distal and proximal
  63. Transverse and Longitudinal arches
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