History 1970s

  1. What is Trudeaumania
    The popularity of pierre trudeau
  2. Who are federalists
    Canadians who want canada to stay together as a nation
  3. who are seperatists
    Canadians who want Quebec to leave canada and from it's own country
  4. what is Biligualism
    having 2 national langauges
  5. Who were the FLQ
    • Front de liberation du quebec
    • -Seperatist group in Quebec
    • -Considered an urban terrorist group
    • -Used fire bombs and dynamite to target English people
  6. Parti Quebecois
    • Political group in Quebc
    • -Formed in 1968
    • -Leader Rene levesque
  7. Bill 101
    Was a law that made french the only official language of Quebec
  8. Stay or Go
    (1980 Quebec Referendum)
    • Levesque holds a referendum
    • - Levesque wants sovereignty (political independence with economic ties with Canada)
    • Trudeau goes against Levesque
    • Result No-40%, Yes 60%
  9. 1970s Changing Economy
    • The economy was in trouble; high inflation, unemployment, and poverty.
    • -businesses raise prices
    • -employees demand higher wages
    • -major inequality across the country
    • -families become smaller
  10. 3 main issues that dominated the constitution discussions
    Trudeau wanted a made in Canada constitution

    He needed to establish an amending formula with the provinces describing how the constitution could be changed in the future.

    He wanted it to contain the charter of rights & freedoms.
  11. What were the provincial leader afraid about in the constitution
    The provincial leader were afraid that it might leave them with less power than more
  12. What was the Kitchen Compromise
    The Kitchen compromise was when 9 out of 10 provinces agreed to have the charter of rights and freedoms in the constitution. It was created in a kitchen without the consent of levesque
  13. What are the requirements for amendment in the constitution
    7 out of the 10 provinces and 50% of the population have to agree
  14. define the notwithstanding clause
    Provinces could opt out of some of the guarantees included in the charter by invoking the notwithstanding clause
  15. Canada's constitution is signed into a law in April of 982. How does Quebec react
    Premier Levesque led an angry demonstration through the streets
  16. What were transfer payments
    then money given by the federal government to the provinces to finance health care, education, development and job creation in the Atlantic Region
  17. Oil crisis of 1973
    The oil mat Canada is getting from isreal is no longer being sent to them because they are focused on the war and not oil
  18. What is NEP
    National Energy Program

    • Reduce consuption of oil
    • Make canada self sufficient in oil
    • Protect Canada from the rising oil prices
  19. Asian Tiger
    • Hong Kong, South Korea
    • Increased exports to North America
    • Cheaper products
    • Stronger economy
  20. Cold War 1970s
    Trudeau decides that Canada should lessen it's involvement in the cold war
  21. Detente
    Tensions between the US and the USSR eased at the started of the 1970s
  22. Renewal
    • In the end of the 1970s the Cold War heats up again
    • -Russia invades Afghanistan
    • -US creates plans for space defence shield
    • New technology- cruise missiles
  23. Mulroney Era
    • Brain Mulroney elected in 1984
    • - Mulroney was determined to solve the constitution situation and include Quebec
    • -Mulroney attemps twice, Meech Lake, and Charlottetown
    • -Mulroney created closer ties with the US
    • -The economy improves
    • Economic changes-NEP Cancelled, & GST and Free Trade created
  24. Free Trade Agreement
    Removing the Tariff between the USA and Canada.
  25. Elijah Harper
    Representing the Natives (politition) he feels the Natives rights and needs aren't being met

    He uses loop holes
  26. 1995 Referendum
    • Jacques Parizeau ( Parti Quebecois) decides hold a referendum
    • The Referendum question if Quebec want to become sovereign
    • 50.6% NO- 49.4% Yes
  27. NAFTA
    North American Free Trade Agreement

    Allows Canada, USA, Mexico to trade without any Tariffs
  28. Mulroney Resigns
    Economic difficulties such as the recession increased need for government spending
  29. Jean Chretien
    • Chretien inherits a huge deficit from Mulroney
    • The Liberals make a huge cuts to government spending; health care, education and cut drastically
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