Vocab Unit 3

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  1. abridge
    • verb: to make shorter
    • Syn: shorten, condense, abbreviate
    • Ant: expand, enlarge, augment
  2. adherent
    • noun: a follower
    • Syn: disciple
    • Ant: opponent, adversary, critic, detractor

    adj: attached, sticking to
  3. altercation
    • noun: an angry argument
    • Syn: quarrel, dispute, squabble
    • Ant: agreement, accord
  4. Cherubic
    • adj: resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful, round, or chubby face; sweet and innocent
    • Syn: angelic, seraphic, beatific
    • Ant: impish, devilish, diabolic, fiendish
  5. Condone
    • verb: to pardon or overlook
    • Syn: ignore, wink at, turna a blind eye to
    • Ant: censure, condemn, disapprove, deprecate
  6. Dissent
    • verb: to disagree
    • Ant: differ, dispute
    • Syn: agree, concur

    • noun: disagreement
    • Ant: unanimity, harmony
  7. Eminent
    • adj: famous, outstanding, distinguished; projecting
    • Syn: illustrious, renowned
    • Ant: obscure, nameless, unsung, lowly, humble
  8. Exorcise
    • verb: to drive out by magic; to dispose of something troubling, menacing, or oppressive
    • Syn: expel, dispel
  9. Fabricate
    • verb: to make, manufacture; to make up, invent
    • Syn: put together, devise, contrive, concoct
    • Ant: take apart, undo, destroy, demolish
  10. Irate
    • adj: angry
    • Syn: incensed, infuriated, enraged, livid
    • Ant: calm, cool, composed, unruffled
  11. Marauder
    • noun: raider, plunderer
    • Syn: looter, pirate, freebooter
  12. Obesity
    • noun: excessive fatness
    • Syn: serious overweight, extreme corpulence
    • Ant: emaciation, gauntness, scrawniness
  13. Pauper
    • noun: an extremely poor person
    • Syn: destitute person
    • Ant: millionare, tycoon
  14. Pilfer
    • verb: steal in small quantities
    • Syn: filch, swipe, rob, purloin
  15. Rift
    • noun: a split, break, breach
    • Syn: crack, fissure, gap, cleft
    • Ant: reconciliation
  16. Semblance
    • noun: a likeness; an outward appearance; an apparition
    • Syn: appearance, air, aura, veneer, facade
    • Ant: dissimilarity, contrast, total lack
  17. Surmount
    • verb: to overcome, rise above
    • Syn: conquer, triumph over
    • Ant: be vanquished, be deffeated, succumb to
  18. Terminate
    • verb: bring to an end
    • Syn: conclude, finish, discontinue
    • Ant: begin, commence, initiate
  19. Trite
    • adj: commonplace; overused, stale
    • Syn: banal, hacneyed, corny
    • Ant: original, novel, fresh, innovative
  20. Usurp
    • verb: to seize and hold a position by force or without right
    • Syn: seize illegally, comandeer, supplant
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