1.4 amsco

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  1. atacar (qu)
    to attack
  2. acercarse (qu)
    to approach
  3. aplicar (qu)
    to apply
  4. arrancar (qu)
    to root out, to pull out
  5. buscar (qu)
    to look for, to seek
  6. colocar (qu)
    to place, to put
  7. comunicar (qu)
    to communicate
  8. dedicar (qu)
    to dedicate, to devote
  9. educar (qu)
    to educate
  10. embarcarse (qu)
    to embark
  11. equivocarse (qu)
  12. to be mistaken
  13. explicar (qu)
    to explain
  14. fabricar (qu)
    to make (manufacture)
  15. indicar (qu)
    to indicate
  16. marcar (qu)
    to designate, to mark
  17. mascar (qu)
    to chew
  18. pescar (qu)
    to fish
  19. publicar (qu)
    to publish
  20. replicar (qu)
    to reply
  21. sacar (qu)
    to take out
  22. sacrificar (qu)
    to sacrifice
  23. significar (qu)
    to mean
  24. suplicar (qu)
    to beg, to implore
  25. tocar (qu)
    to touch, to play (music)
  26. pagar (gu)
    to pay
  27. agregar (gu)
    to add
  28. ahogarse (gu)
    to drown
  29. apagar (gu)
    to put out, to extinguish
  30. cargar (gu)
    to load
  31. castigar (gu)
    to punish
  32. colgar (gu)
    to hang
  33. encargar (gu)
    to put in charge
  34. entregar (gu)
    to deliver, to hand over
  35. jugar (gu)
    to play
  36. llegar (gu)
    to arrive
  37. madrugar (gu)
    to rise early
  38. negar (gu)
    to deny
  39. obligar (gu)
    to obligate, to compel
  40. pegar (gu)
    to stick, to beat
  41. rogar (gu)
    to ask, to beg
  42. abrazar (c)
    to embrace, to hug
  43. alcanzar (c)
    to reach, to overtake
  44. almorzar (c)
    to eat lunch
  45. amenazar (c)
    to threaten
  46. avanzar (c)
    to advance
  47. comenzar (c)
    to begin, to commence
  48. deslizarse (c)
    to slip, to glide
  49. empezar (c)
    to begin
  50. gozar (c)
    to enjoy
  51. lanzar (c)
    to throw
  52. realizar (c)
    to fulfill, to realize (a profit)
  53. rezar (c)
    to pray
  54. tropezar (c)
    to stumble
  55. convertir
    • to convert
    • (convirtió, convirtieron)
  56. servir
    • to serve
    • (sirvió, sirvieron)
  57. dormir
    • to sleep
    • (durmió, durmieron)
  58. andar
  59. caber
  60. estar
  61. haber
  62. hacer
    hice, hiciste, hizo, hicimos, hicisteis, hicieron
  63. poder
  64. poner
  65. querer
  66. saber
  67. tener
  68. venir
  69. decir
  70. producir
  71. traer
  72. conducir
    conduje (to lead, to drive)
  73. traducir
    traduje; to translate
  74. dar
    di, diste, dio, dimos, disteis, dieron
  75. ser (ir)
    fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron
  76. reír
    reí, reíste, rio, reímos, reíste, rieron
  77. sonreír
    sonreí, sonreíste, sonrió, sonreímos, sonreísteis, sonrieron
  78. explain the ñ thing
    verbs ending in -ir that have ñ directly before the ending drop the i of the ending in the third person singular and plural of the preterite
  79. caer
    ca- (í, íste, yó, ímos, ísteis, yeron)
  80. creer
    cre- (í, íste, yó, ímos, ísteis, yeron)
  81. leer
    le- (í, íste, yó, ímos, ísteis, yeron)
  82. oír
    o-(í, íste, yó, ímos, ísteis, yeron)
  83. poseer
    pose-(í, íste, yó, ímos, ísteis, yeron)
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