Science test Joey

  1. beach erosion
    the process by which waves pick up sand particles and move th3em along the shore
  2. bank
    the rising ground thaat borders a river or stream
  3. Flood plain
    The flat area of land on both sides of the rivr
  4. humidity
    the amount of water vapor in the air
  5. Land slide
    The rapid downslope movements of mass rock soil and debris
  6. levee
    a wall or a large mound of earth built along a river to prevent it from flooding
  7. Oxbow lake
    a portion of a stream channel that is cut off from the rewst of the stream by erosion
  8. Quartz
    The second most common mineral found in Earths crust
  9. Tsunami
    A series of huge waves casused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption benath or near the Ocean
  10. Weathering
    The gradual breakown of rok into smaller pieces by natural processes such as precipitation, wind, plant growth and temperature change
  11. What does air temperature depend on
  12. What does the Coriolis effect cause winds to do?
    Its shifts the wind caused by the earths rotation
  13. Name the two main forces the reshape Earth's surface
    Wind and water
  14. Where are meanders found
    Stream in a mature stage found in the flood plain.
  15. What causes beach drift?
    The pulling of sand particles sideways along a beach.
  16. What makes a slope erode more quickly?
    it affects how fast rock and soil move downhill
  17. Name four types of precipitation?
    rain, sleet, snow and hail
  18. Explain the thre stages of stream devlopment
    • /1) young stream: white water rapids and waterfalls
    • 2) Meanders: mature stage has broad curves , causes flood plains.
    • 3) Old Stage flowls slowly through a broad flat flood plain.
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