5 themes of Geography Test Review

  1. The study of Earth is called
  2. Lines of latitude run __________ and ________ but measure distance __________ and ________
    • East, West
    • North, South
  3. Lines of longitude run __________ and ________ but measure distance _________ and _________
    • North, South
    • East, West
  4. The equator is at 0 degrees
  5. the prime meridian is at 0 degrees
  6. Geographers use the five themes of geography to
    organize information
  7. how do we find absolute location
    by using latitude, longitude
  8. how do geographers use the theme of regions
    to group places that have something in common
  9. what does the theme of movement help geographers to understand
    explain how people goods and ideas get from one place to another
  10. Human Environment Interaction
    how people affect their environment and how it effects us
  11. a globe shows earth's continents on a much smaller
  12. all flat maps show some _________ or loss of accuracy
  13. a representation of earth on a flat surface is called a
  14. a diagram on a map showing direction is called a
    compass rose
  15. a _________ explains the symbols and colors on the map
  16. Define population
    total number of people in an area
  17. define population density
    the average number of people per square mile
  18. define birthrate
    the number of live births each year per 1,000 people
  19. define death rate
    the number of deaths each year per 1,000 people
  20. how do demographers use the push-pull theory
    to explain immigration
  21. why do people migrate? Please give 2-3 answers
    People may migrate because they are looking for better jobs. Some times people are going away for war.
  22. people who move into one country from another one
  23. the movement of people from one place or region to another
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