Science 8: Topic 2

  1. Define: States of Matter
    Physical forms in which a substance can exist.
  2. Define: Solid
    State of matter that has definite shape and volume.
  3. Define: Liquid
    State of matter that has volume but takes the shape of it's container.
  4. Define: Surface Tension
    Force that acts on particles at the surface of liquid.
  5. Define: Viscosity
    Liquid's resistance of flow.
  6. Define: Gas
    State of matter with NO definite volume or shape.
  7. Define: Temperature
    Measure of how hot or cold something is; How fast the particles are moving in it.
  8. Define: Volume
    Amount of space something takes up.
  9. Define: Pressure
    Amount of force exerted on a given area of surface.
  10. Define: Evaporation
    The change from a liquid to a gas.
  11. Define: Condensation
    The change from gas to liquid.
  12. Define: Sublimation
    Change of solid to gas.
  13. Define: Boiling
    Change from liquid to vapor.
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Science 8: Topic 2
Science 8: Topic 2