"Horizons" 5-2

  1. a year
    un an
  2. a campground
    un camping
  3. a club
    a club
  4. a hotel
    un hotel
  5. the next day, the following day
    le lendemain
  6. relatives
    des parents
  7. luck
    la chance
  8. an hour
    une heure
  9. a minute
    une minute
  10. a night
    une nuit
  11. a second (in time)
    une seconde
  12. a rental car
    une voiture de location
  13. to descend, to come down, to get off/out (of), to stay (at)
    descendre (de/dans/a)
  14. to enter
    entrer (dans)
  15. to go up, to get on/in
    monter (dans)
  16. to die (dead)
    mourir (mort[e])
  17. to be born (born)
    naitre (ne[e])
  18. to leave on a trip
    partir en voyage
  19. to go away for the week-end
    partir en week-end
  20. to return, to go back
  21. to fall
  22. last year
    l'annee derniere
  23. already
  24. the last time
    la derniere fois
  25. yesterday (morning, afternoon)
    heir (matin, apres-midi)
  26. last night, yesterday evening
    heir soir
  27. How long ago?
    Il y a combien de temps?
  28. a few seconds ago
    il y a quelques secondes
  29. last Monday (Tuesday..)
    lundi (mardi...) dernier
  30. last month
    le mois dernier
  31. not yet
    ne...pas encore
  32. For how long?
    Pendant combien de temps?
  33. for two hours
    pendent deux heures
  34. recently
  35. last week
    la semaine derniere
  36. last weekend
    le week-end dernier
  37. What luck!
    Quelle chance!
  38. some, a few
  39. a long time
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"Horizons" 5-2
"Horizons" 5-2