lesson 3 voc. list

  1. cache
    hiding place to store something
  2. commend
    praise; mention favorably; compliment
  3. commendable
    praiseworthy; laudable
  4. cur
    worthless dog
  5. despotic
    of a despot (a monarch having absolute power); domineering; dictator; tyrannical; autocratic
  6. despotism
    tyranny; dictatorship
  7. dispute
    argue about; debate; declare not true; call into question; oppose; challenge
  8. disputatious
    argumentative; contentious
  9. edifice
    building, especially a large or impressive building
  10. era
    historical period; period of time; age; epoch
  11. initiate
    • 1. begin; introduce; originate; inaugurate
    • 2. put through the ceremony of becoming a member; admit; induct
  12. initiation
    induction; installation
  13. Jolly Roger
    pirates' flag; black flag with white skull and crossbones
  14. multitude
    very large number of people or things; crowd; throng; horde; swarm
  15. multitudinous
    many; numerous
  16. perceive
    become aware of through the senses; see; note; observe; behold; understand
  17. perception
    idea; conception
  18. portal
    (usually plural) door; entrance, especially, a grand or impressive one; gate
  19. reserved
    • 1. restrained in speech or action; reticent; uncommunicative; tight-lipped; taciturn
    • 2. unsociable; aloof; withdrawn
  20. restrain
    hold back; check; curb; repress; keep under control
  21. retract
    draw back; withdraw; take back; unsay
  22. spine
    chain of small bones down the middle of the back; backbone
  23. spineless
    having no backbone; weak; indecisive; cowardly
  24. stroll
    idle and leisurely walk; ramble
  25. timorous
    full of fear; afraid; timid
  26. tuition
    payment for instruction
  27. version
    • 1. account or description from one point of view; interpretation
    • 2. translation
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