Neurological Terms

  1. Aphasia
    Inability to properly use language
  2. Apraxia
    Inability to perform motor behaviors requiring planning
  3. Ataxia
    Inability of balance and coordination
  4. Adiadokokinsia
    Inability to perform rapidly alternating movements
  5. Aphonia
    Inability to speak above a whisper
  6. Prosopgnosia
    Inability to recognize faces
  7. Amusia
    Inability to recognize melodies
  8. Agnosia
    Inability to recognize familiar objects; inability to perceive more than one object at a time
  9. Asterognosis
    Inability to perform tactile recognition of objects
  10. Asterognosis
    Inability to localize tactile stimuli
  11. Anosognosis
    Lack of awareness or denial of a disease
  12. Asomatognosia
    Inability to recognize parts of one's own body due to damage in the somatosensory cortex
  13. Analgesia
    Loss of pain sensibility or a suppression of the sense of pain with the subject in a conscious state
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