1. What is the dependent variable?
    The variable affected by the independent variable, the results.
  2. What is the independent variable?
    The variable that is changed, what your testing.
  3. Define control group
    What you use all the time, a standard
  4. Define experimental group
    The group where you change things.
  5. What information goes on the X and Y axis?
  6. List the steps of the scientific method:
    • Observation and Question
    • Form a hypothesis
    • Experimentation(test the hypothesis)
    • Data Collection & Analysis
    • Conclusion
  7. Define Observation
  8. Define Inference
  9. Carbohydrate:The function and subunit
  10. Lipid:The function and subunit
  11. Protein:The function and subunit
  12. Nucleic Acid:The function and subunit
  13. How to test starch?
  14. How do we test sugar/glucose?
  15. How do we test proteins?
  16. How do we test lipids?
    Paper Bag
  17. What is the difference between organic molecules and inorganic molecules?
  18. Mono-
  19. Di-
  20. Polysaccharide-
  21. Function of nucleus:
  22. Function of cell wall:
  23. Function of vacuole:
  24. Function of plasma membrane:
  25. Function of a mitrochondria:
  26. Function of ribosomes:
  27. Function of chloroplasts:
  28. How is total magnification determined?
    Multiply the objective by 10
  29. List and explain the organization of life on earth from simple to most complex
  30. In what ways do cells vary? (3)
    Size, color, function
  31. Differentiate between plant cells and animal cells
  32. What is the role of receptor proteins on te surface of cells?
  33. How do hormones influence cells and cellular activities?
  34. How do cells communicate with each other?
  35. Active Transport:
  36. Passive Transport:
  37. Diffusion:
  38. Osmosis:
  39. Facilitated Diffusion:
  40. Semi-permeable membrane:
  41. What happens when a cell is placed in hypertonic?
  42. What happens when a cell is placed in isotonic water?
  43. What happens when a cell in placed in isotonic?
  44. What happens when a cell is placed in hypotonic?
  45. What determines which molecules can cross a membrane and which cannot?
  46. What happens if you place a cell in freshwater? Saltwater?
  47. Why are cells fairly small?
  48. What is ATP? How is it used in the cell? How is it stored in the cell?
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