Word List 28

  1. laity
  2. lambaste
    to beat; thrash verbally or physically
  3. lampoon
    to ridicule
  4. lancet
    small surgical tool for making incisions
  5. lassitude
    languor; depression
  6. lank
    long and thin
  7. gaunt
    extremely thin and bony; haggard and drawn, as from great hunger, weariness, or torture; emaciated
  8. lap
    to lick in; splash gently
  9. larder
    pantry; place where food is kept
  10. largess
    generous gift
  11. lascivious
  12. lateral
    coming from the side
  13. latitude
    freedom from narrow limitations
  14. lax
  15. leaven
    to cause fermentation in (dough or batter); enliven or vivify
  16. lechery
    lustfulness; gross lewdness
  17. lectern
    reading desk
  18. leery
    suspicious; cautious
  19. leeway
    room to move; margin
  20. legerdemain
    sleight of hand
  21. leonine
    like a lion
  22. lexicographer
    compiler of a dictionary
  23. lexicon
  24. libel
    defamatory statement
  25. libertine
    debauched person, roue, rake
  26. libidinous
  27. libretto
    text of an opera
  28. lien
    legal claim on a property
  29. ligneous
    like wood
  30. lilliputian
    extremely small
  31. abode
    a place in which a person resides; residence; dwelling; habitation
  32. limbo
    region near heaven or hell where certain souls are kept; a prison
  33. limn
    to draw
  34. limpid
  35. lineaments
    features, especially of the face
  36. dawdle
    to linger or loiter
  37. lionize
    to treat as a celebrity
  38. list
    to tilt; lean over
  39. listless
    lacking in spirit or energy
  40. supplicate
    to pray humbly; make humble and earnest entreaty or petition
  41. lithe
    flexible; supple
  42. litany
    supplicatory prayer
  43. litigation
  44. litotes
    understatement for rhetorical effect, esp when achieved by using negation with a term in place of using an antonym of that term, as in "She was not a little upset" for "She was extremely upset."
  45. livid
    black and blue; deathly pale or pallid or ashen; enraged
  46. loath
    unwilling; reluctant; disinclined; averse
  47. lode
    metal-bearing vein
  48. loll
    to lounge about
  49. loom
    to appear or take shape
  50. lope
    to gallop slowly
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