Ch 12 HMGT

  1. Clear soups include
    Broths made from meat, poultry, game, fish, or vegetables as well as consommes
  2. consommés
    broths clarified with all impurities removed
  3. Thick soups include
    cream soups and puree soups
  4. cream soups made from
    vegetables cooked in a liquid that is thickened with a starch and pureed. cream is added for add richness and flavor
  5. Puree soups made from
    starchy vegetables or legumes
  6. Garnishing
    food added as a decoration and also foods that are not only a decoration but critical components of final product (noodles in chicken noodle soup)
  7. concasssee
    peeled, seeded and diced tomato
  8. clearmeat is used to make what kind of soup
  9. clearmeat is a mixture of
    egg whites, ground meat, poultry or fish, mirepoix, herbs, spices, acidic product (lemon juice, tomatoes, or wine)
  10. Raft
    when impurities get trapped in clearmeat and are brought to the top as the mixture simmers
  11. veloute
    a mother sauce made by thickening a white stock (fish, veal, chicken) with roux
  12. Bechamel
    a mother sauce made by thickening milk with a white roux and adding seasoning
  13. cream sauce
    sauce made by adding cream to a bechamel sauce
  14. Bisques
    shellfish soups that are thickend with cooked rice
  15. Chowders

      Hearty soups with chunks (usually potatoes, milk or cream) of the main ingredient and garnishes

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