1. Client (family) facilitation
    • Confidential responsibility
    • Knowledgeable and fractual representation
    • Equitable professional service to all
  2. Confidentiality
    to hold certain information in trust & not disclose without proper authorization or authority
  3. knowledgeable and factual representation
    the funeral director should insure that all advice given is for the benefit of the consumer and not the funeral home
  4. it is necessary for the funeral director to be knowledgeable, honest, factual and up-to-date on all of the following;
    • a. disposition options
    • b. service options
    • c. merchandise options
    • d. financial issues & options
    • e. custody or trusteeship of personal effects & the body and how to to make sure they are secure
  5. equitable professional service to all a funeral director must be prepared to provide the same service to every person, regardless of any of the following;
    • a. race or ethnicity
    • b. religious beliefs
    • c. personal preferences
    • d. medical circumstances
  6. ethnicity
    the cultural hertiage or identity of a group based on factors such as language or country or origin.
  7. allied professions/ community relationships
    • profession that are related to funeral servcice in some way
    • ex;
    • medical
    • clergy
    • legal
    • florist
    • cemetaries
    • cremation facilities
  8. we will constantly be dealing with people in the medical profession many of the following ways:
    • hospitals
    • morgue
    • emergency room
    • hospice care
    • home healthcare
    • doctors, nurses, medical facility personnel
    • medical examiner/ coroner/justice of the peace
  9. clergy
    • many people, a funeral is an important religious event
    • clergy are in a prime position to recommend a funeral director to families
  10. legal you will often deal with the legal profession in the following ways:
    • sometimes dealing with a will
    • fullfilling the funeral wishes of the deceased
    • receovering payment from an estate
  11. Cemetarians/funeral directors and cemetarians should strive to work together because they share many things in common;
    • serve bereaved families
    • pre-need & at need sales
    • goverment regulations
  12. cremation facility personnel
    should always ensure that all legal documents are obtained & maintained a requirement of both parties
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