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    • Cartilage
    • Nonvascular, firm connective tissue found mostly in joints
  1. Ligament
    Band of fibrous tissue connecting two structures
  2. Muscle
    Tissue consisting of contractile cells
  3. Tendon
    Fibrous band that connects muscle to bone
  4. Cortex
    Outer portion of an organ, such as bone
  5. Lacuna
    Small space or cavity within the matrix of bone
  6. Marrow
    Fatty, blood forming tissue in the cavities of long bones
  7. Matrix
    Substance that surrounds cells, is manufactured by cells, and holds them together
  8. Osteoblast
    Bone-forming cell
  9. Osteoclast
    Bone-removing cell
  10. Osteocyte
    Bone-maintaining cell
  11. Periosteum
    Strong membrane surrounding a bone
  12. Trochanter
    One of two bony prominences near the head of the femur
  13. Achondroplasia
    Condition with abnormal conversion of cartilage into bone, leading to dwarfism
  14. Osteogenesis imperfecta
    Inherited condition in which bone formation is incomplete, leading to fragile, easily broken bones
  15. MD
    Doctor of medicine
  16. DO
    Doctor of osteopathy
  17. BMD
    Bone mineral density
  18. DEXA
    Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
  19. FDA
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  20. IU
    International units
  21. Osteomalacia
    Soft, flexible bones lacking in calcium (Rickets)
  22. Alignment
    A state of being in the correct position in relation t other structures
  23. Fx
  24. Hematoma
    Collection of blood that has escaped from the blood vessels into tissue
  25. Malunion
    Condition in which the two bony ends of a fracture fail to heal together correctly
  26. Nonunion
    Total failure of healing of a fracture
  27. Reduction
    The restoration of a structure to its normal position
  28. Flexion-
  29. Extension
  30. Abduction
    Movement away from the midline
  31. Adduction
    Movement toward the midline
  32. Rotation
    Turning around an axis
  33. Inversion
    Turning inward (supination)
  34. Eversion
    Turning outward (pronation)
  35. Circumduction
    Movement of an extremity in a circular motion
  36. DJD
    Degenerative joint disease
  37. MCP
  38. OA
  39. PIP
    Proxmal interphalangeal
  40. THR
    Total-hip replacement
  41. RA
    Rheumatoid arthritis
  42. T.i.d.
    Ter in die (three times a day)
  43. Atrophy
    Wasting away or diminished volume of tissue, organ, or body part
  44. Fascia
    Sheet of fibrous connective tissue
  45. Fiber
    A strand or filament
  46. Hypertrophy
    Increase in size but not number of an individual tissue element
  47. Polymyalgia
    Pain in several muscle groups
  48. Striation
  49. DMD
    Duchenne muscular dystophy
  50. NSAID
    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
  51. PCP
    Phencyclidine (angel dust)
  52. RICE
    Rest, ice, compression, elevation
  53. Fibromyalgia
    Pain in muscle fibers
  54. Sprain
    A wrench or tear in a ligament
  55. Strain
    Overstretch or tear in a muscle or tendon
  56. Kyphosis
    Hunchback, posterior curve of thoracic spine
  57. Lordosis
    Swayback, forward curvature of lumbar spine
  58. Scoliosis
    Lateral curvature of spine
  59. TMJ
    Temporomandibular joint
  60. Acromion
    Lateral end of the scapula, extending over the shoulder joint
  61. Clavicle
    Collar bone, urved bone that forms the anterior part of the pectoral girdle
  62. Dislocation
    The state of being completely out of joint
  63. Humerus
    Long bone of upper arm
  64. Scapula
    Shoulder blade
  65. Subluxation
    Incomplete dislocation in which some contact between the joint surfaces remain
  66. Biceps brachii
    Muscle of upper arm that has two heads or points of origin on the scapula
  67. Deltoid
    Large fan-shaped musce connecting the scapula and clavicle to the humerus
  68. Latissimus dorsi
    Widest (broadest) muscle in the back
  69. Radius
    Forearm bone on the thumb side
  70. Triceps brachii
    Muscle of the arm that has three heads or points of origin
  71. Carpal
    Pertaining to the wrist
  72. Cyst
    An abnormal fluid containing sac
  73. Fasciotomy
    An incision through a band of fascia usually to relieve pressure on underlying structures
  74. Fasciectomy
    Surgicial removal of fascia
  75. Stenosis
    Narrowing of a passage
  76. PT
  77. Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Develops on front of wrist as a result of inflammation and swelling of tendon sheaths arising from overuse of repetitive movements
  78. Metacarpals
    Bones between the carpal bones and phalanges
  79. JRA
    Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  80. Contracture
    Muscle shortening due to spasm or fibrosis
  81. Susceptible
    Capable of being infected by
  82. Acetabulum
    Cup shaped cavity of the hip bone that receives the head of the femur to form the hip joint
  83. Femur
    Thigh bone (its a long bone)
  84. SI
  85. Necrosis
    Pathological death of cells or tissue
  86. Condyle
    Large smooth rounded expansion of the end of a bone that forms a joint with another bone
  87. Patella
    Kneecap, thin circular bone in front of the knee joint
  88. Popliteal fossa
    Hollow at the back of the knee
  89. ACL
    Anterior cruciate ligament
  90. PCL
    Posterior cruciate ligament
  91. Avulsion
    Forcible separation or tearing away often of a tendon from bone
  92. Talus
    The tarsal bone that articulates with the tibia to form the ankle joint
  93. Tx
  94. Dx
  95. Closed bone fracture
    Bone is broken but skin is not
  96. Open bone fracture
    Fragment of fractured bone breaks the skin or a wound extends to the site of fracture
  97. Greenstick bone fracture
    (Closed) partial fracture, one side breaks other side bends
  98. Gluten
    Insoluble protein found in wheat, barley, and oats
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