1. the ____ ____ are necessary for comprehensive patient care. Why?
    • dental radiographs
    • identify conditions that may go undected
  2. a photographic image produced on film b the passage of xrays through teeth and supporting structures is?
    a dental radiograph
  3. what are the uses of the dental radiographs?
    • detect disease, lesions and conditions
    • confirm suspected disease
    • localize lesions and foreign objects
    • show changes secondary to trauma, caries, perio
  4. what is the primary benefit of dental radiographs?
    detections of disease
  5. the benefit of _____ _____ far outweighs the risk of small doses of _____
    • disease detection
    • x-radiation
  6. what is the information found on dental radiographs (8)?
    • missing teeth
    • extra teeth
    • impacted teeth
    • dental cares
    • periodontal disease
    • tooth abnormalities
    • retained roots
    • cysts and tumors
  7. who is the dental radiographer?
    any person who positions, exposes and processes dental xray film
  8. to be a competent dental radiographer ____ knowledge of dental radiography is essential.
  9. what background knowledge is need of radiography?
    • history
    • physics
    • radiation characteristics
    • biology
    • protection
    • equipment
    • film
    • image characteristics
    • processing
    • quality assurance
  10. in addition to background information waht two things must the radiographer master?
    • management basics
    • technique concepts
  11. what are the 7 duties and responsibilities of the dental radiographer?
    • position and exposure of dental xray films
    • processing of films
    • mounting and identification of dental radiographs
    • education of patients about dental radiography
    • maintenance of darkroom and equipment
    • implementing and monitoring of quality control procedures
    • ordering of dental xray film and supplies
  12. what are the 7 professional goals of a dental radiographer?
    • patient protection
    • operator protection
    • patient education
    • operator competence
    • operator efficiency
    • production of quality radiographs
    • quality care
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