Radiology chapter twenty five

  1. the strong involuntary effort to vomit
  2. retching that is elicited by stimulation of the sensitive tissues of the soft palate region. it is a protective mechanism of the body that serves to clear the airway
    gag reflex
  3. What areas are most likely to elicit the gag reflex?
    • soft palate
    • lateral posterior third of tongue
  4. what are the two reactions that occur prior to the gag reflex?
    • cessation of respiration
    • contraction of the muscles in the throat and abdomen
  5. What are the precipitating factors responsible for initiating the gag reflex?
    • psychogenic stimuli
    • tactile stimuli
  6. What must the radiographer be aware of to effectively manage the patient with a hypersensitive gag reflex
    • operator attitude
    • patient and equipment preparations
    • exposure sequencing
    • film placement and technique
    • helpful hints for preventing the gag reflex
  7. What attitudes should the dental radiographer convey to the patient?
    • a confident attitude
    • patience, tolerance, and understanding
    • reassuring to the patient
  8. Why is it important to have proper patient and equipment preparations in regards to a sensative gag reflex?
    to limit the amount of time the film remains in the mouth
  9. what is the proper exposure sequencing in preventing the gag reflex?
    • start with anterior films
    • then move to the premolars
    • then to the molars
  10. Of all the film placements, which one is the most likely to elicit the gag reflex?
    the maxillary molar film
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