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  1. what muscle group may be seen in the false pelvis along the lateral sidewall of the pelvis
  2. normal size of the menarchal uterus should measure
    8cm x 4cm
  3. which ligaments contain uterine blood vessels
    broad ligaments
  4. ligament that occurs in fron of and below the fallopian tubes
    round ligaments
  5. structure that lies above the uterovarian ligament, round ligament, and tuboovarian vessels
    fallopian tube
  6. 2 hormones produced by the ovaries
    • estrogen - produced by the follicles
    • progesterone - produced by the corpus luteum
  7. supplies blood to the fallopian tubes
    tubal branch of the uterine artery
  8. ovarian veins drain where
    • right vein drains into the IVC
    • left vein drains into the left renal vein
  9. what ligament supports the ovaries laterally
    ovarian ligament
  10. name and size of a mature follicle
    • graafian follicle
    • 2cm
  11. phases of endometrium during menstrual cycle
    • luteal - blood
    • proliferative - 3 line phase
    • endometrium - secretory
  12. the retrouterine space is also known as
    posterior cul-de-sac
  13. proliferative phase
    • days 1 to 14
    • corresponds to the follicular phase
    • menstruation occurs on days 1 to 4
    • estrogen level increases
    • estrogen causes uterine lining to regenerate and thicken
    • ovulation occurs on day 14
  14. secretory phase
    • days 15 to 28
    • corresponds to the luteal phase
    • ruptured follicle becomes corpus luteum
    • corpus luteum secretes progesterone
    • endomentrium thickens
  15. abnormally heavy menses
  16. inner lining of the uterine cavity that appears echogenic to hypoechoic on ultrasound, depending on the menstrual cycle
  17. pulsatility index PI
    doppler measurement that uses peak systole minus peak diastole divided by the mean
  18. doppler measurement that takes the highest systolic peak minus the highest diastolic peak divided by the highest systolic peak
    mean doppler gradient
  19. difference between peak systole and peak diastole
    s/d ratio
  20. small vessels found along the periphery of the uterus
    arcuate vessels
  21. technique that uses a catheter inserted into the endometrial cavity with the insertion of saline solution or contrast medium to fill the endometrial cavity for the purpose of demonstrating abnormalities withing the cavity or uterine tubes

    usually performed between days 6 and 10
  22. horizontal plane through the longitudinal axis of the body to image structures from anterior to posterior
  23. a complex adnexal mass most likely represents
  24. a benign adenoma containing cysts
  25. smooth, well defined cystic structure that is filled completely with fluid
    simple ovarian cyst
  26. substance that stimulates the development of male characteristics such as the hormones testosterone and androsterone
  27. malignant tumor that forms cysts
  28. most common type of ovarian carcinoma, may be bilateral with multilocular cysts
    serous systadenocarcinoma
  29. benign cyst withibn the ovary that may occur and disappear on a cyclic basis
    follicular cyst
  30. malignant tumor of the ovary that may spread beyond the ovary and metastasize to other organs via the peritoneal channels
    ovarian carcinoma
  31. multilocular cysts that occur in patients with hyperstimulation
    theca lutein cysts
  32. benign tumor of the ovary associated with ascites and pleural effusion
    meigs syndrome
  33. second most common benign tumor of the ovary, unilocular or multilocular
    serous cystadenoma
  34. benign tumor composed of hair, muscle, teeth, and fat
    dermoid tumor
  35. cystic structure that lies adjacent to the ovary
    paraovarian cyst
  36. gynecologic tumors that arise from the surface epithelium and cover the ovary and the underlying stroma
    surface epithelial stomal tumor
  37. benign tumor of the ovary that contains thin walled multilocular cysts
    mucinous cystadenoma
  38. malignant tumor of the ovary with multilocular cysts
    mucinous cystadenocarcinoma
  39. middle layer of the uterine cavity that appears very homogeneous
  40. inner lining of the uterine cavity, which appears echogenic to hypoechoic
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