1. Word
  2. 3 G's-Gold
  3. Prince Henry the Navigator
    Seeked a Christian kingdom as an ally against the Muslims
  4. Ptolemy's Geography
    Book containing his map of earth. Three Continents
  5. Ship Innovations
    Bigger Hull
  6. Astrolabe
    "locating and predicting the positions of the Sun
  7. Bartholomeu Dias & Cape of Good Hope
    First to Round the Cape of Good Hop-turned back b/c feared mutiny from crew
  8. Vasco Da Gama
    Rounded cape of good hope and discovered new route to india
  9. Malacca
    Monarchy was abolished when the Portuguese conquered it in 1511
  10. Christopher Columbus
    Discovered Americas-thought it was India
  11. Ferdinand Magellan
    "Portuguese Explorer. obtained Spanish nationality in order to serve King Charles I of Spain in search of a westward route to the ""Spice Islands"""
  12. Treaty of Toresillas
    divided the newly discovered lands outside Europe between Spain and Portugal
  13. Conquistadors
    "conqueror" in the Spanish
  14. Hernan Cortes
    Led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire
  15. Montezuma
  16. Francisco Pizarro
    conqueror of the Incan Empire and founder of Lima
  17. Encomienda System
    Permitted the conquering Spaniards to collect tribute from the natives and use them as laborers
  18. Dutch East India Company
    "chartered company established in 1602
  19. African Slave Trade
    High Death Rate. 10% died on ships. Came mostly form Africa
  20. British East India Company
    "formed initially for pursuing trade with the East Indies
  21. Joint Stock Trading Companies
    A company or association that raises capital by selling shares to individuals who receive dividends on their investments while a board of directors runs the company
  22. Mercantilism
    "form of economic nationalism
  23. Columbian Exchange
    form of economic nationalism
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