English Poem Vocabulary

  1. Denotation
    literal meaning of a word (dictionary definition)
  2. Connotation
    refers to the association or the emotional suggestions related to that word
  3. Rhythm
    a musical quality produced by repetition
  4. Tone
    the emotion behind the words (serious, humorous, etc.)
  5. Mood
    the picture painted through images (ex. a dark stormy night)
  6. Allusion
    a reference used to stimulate ideas connecting the poem with the outside world
  7. Imagery
    use of vivid description and attention to detail to create pictures in the reader's mind
  8. Theme
    the writers point, the 'big idea'
  9. Refrain
    phrase, line, or group of words repeated regularly throughout a poem or song
  10. Alliteration
    repetition of consonant sounds in a poem
  11. Onomatopoeia
    use of a word whose sound imitates or suggests its meaning
  12. Personification
    giving human characteristics/qualities to non-human things
  13. Simile
    comparison of 2 unlike things using like, as, resembles, or than
  14. Metaphor
    comparison of 2 unlike things without use of like, as, resembles, or than
  15. Hyperbole
    an exaggeration that also compares 2 things
  16. Oxymoron
    a combination of 2 usually contradictory terms
  17. Juxtaposition
    when 2 mental images that aren't often put together appear side by side
  18. Repetition
    patterning of certain sounds, syllables, words, or phrases used to emphasize
  19. Irony
    when something is expected to happen and the opposite happens
  20. Cliché
    a worn out expression
  21. Pun
    using a word or words with more than one meanig
  22. Idiom
    an expression that can't be made sense by simply looking at the words
  23. Couplet
    a 2 line poem usually rhyming that sometimes builds bigger poems
  24. Quatrain
    a 4 line poem that often rhymes, can be made of 2 couplets
  25. Extended Metaphor
    when a poet picks apart something and uses each "piece" to represent a "piece" of what's being compared
  26. Rhyme
    verse or poetry having correspondence at the end of the lines
  27. Dialect
    a variety of a language that is distinguishable from other varieties of the same language
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