Civil War Causes Test

  1. Examples of slavery in ancient times
    • -code of Hammurabi
    • -bible-genesis, Joseph, Ham
  2. Differences between ancient and american slavery
    • Ancient slavery
    • -set period of time
    • -unigenerational
    • -social status
    • -same rights

    • American slavery
    • -life
    • -multigenerational
    • -skin/race
    • -no rights
  3. Seasoning
    -plantations in carribean were far more harsh but plantations in the u.s. were far more wealthy
  4. How many slaves made to the Americas from Africa?
    12 million
  5. Why did the north abandon slavery?
    • -scared of slave revolts
    • -economics
    • -industrial, not agriculture
    • -rocky soil, short growing season, no cash crops, subsistence farming
    • -ADAM Smith said free labor is better
    • -work harder, can be replaced, dont have to support them, paid only when worked
    • -pressure from Europe
    • -Christians found it immoral
  6. How the south defended slavery
    • -bible
    • -mentioned slavery
    • -Ephesians, Joseph
    • -essential for economy
    • -civilizing slaves
    • -states rights
    • -support from Europe
    • -Euro. needed their crops
  7. What was the abolition movement and who were some of the primary leaders?
    • -a group against slavery trying to rid the existence of slavery
    • -quakers, william loyd garrison, frederick douglass, harriet tubman
  8. What states seceded to create the confederate states of america and name it capitol?
    • -S. Carolina, georgia, alabama, louisianna, mississippi, texas, and florida
    • -richmond
  9. North strategic goals
    • Anaconda plan
    • -set up blockade to cut off trade btwn. South and Europe
    • -use superior resources & strength to crush South
    • -though it would be a short/one battle war
  10. South strategic goals
    • Survive
    • -use a defensive strategy utilizing interior lines
    • -diplomatic help from Euro.-pressure north to stop
    • -war culture that existed in south
  11. Why did John Brown attack harpers ferry?
    he wanted ammunition to lead rebellions
  12. who were the main candidates in the pres. election of 1860 and what were the major platforms of each with regards to slavery?
    • -Lincoln-eventual abolition
    • -Breckinridge-full expansion of slavery
    • -Douglas-popular sovereignty
    • -Bell-slavery existing, no expansion
  13. descirbe the dred scott case (including the ammendment that effected it) and how the desision affected slave and free states
    • -bought by peter blow
    • -peter blow dies and hes is purchased by Dr. john emerson
    • -he was taken to the free states of illinois and wisconsin
    • -in 1843 the doctor died
    • -he tried to get freedom but the wife said no
    • -he went to court and tried to prove he was free but retried and was free'd
    • -the mo. supreme court stepped in 2 years later and overturned the case
    • -the case was taken to the nation court and Robert B. Taney said all blacks couldnt become citizens
    • -in 1875 he declared bcs. scott was black he couldnt sue and stopped the mo. compromise
    • -5th amendment
    • -right to personal property
  14. Describe the circumstances surrounding the wilmot proviso
    • -attempt to prevent slavery in territories purchased from mexico after the mexican war, led by david wilmot
    • -offered as an amendment to many bills but never approved by senate
    • -south wanted more states for votes in senate
  15. descirbe uncle toms cabin and why it was important
    • -book by harriet beacher stowe about the life of slaves in the south
    • -first real exposure in north to what slavery was like
    • -inflammed abolitionists cause & made south more paranoid
  16. tariff of abominations and doctrine of nullification
    • tariff
    • -bill that raised tariffs on raw materials & manufactured goods
    • -comp. from great britian on trade front was fierce and congress was continually dealing with demands to raise tariffs to protect northern domestic companies

    • doctrine
    • -Calhoun understood their heartache and wrote the doctrine of nullification
    • -states had right to nulify or reject law considered unconstitutional
  17. popular sovereignty and bleeding kansas
    • -neb. entered the union as a free state
    • -kan. was going to enter as a slave state but got to choose by vote, popular sovereignty
    • -abolitionists flooded into kansas
    • -bushwackers burned lawrence trying to kill abolitionists
  18. missouri compromise
    • -22 states, 11 free-11 slave
    • -equal rep. in senate, free states had larger pop. and controlled house of reps
    • -mo filled for statehood
    • -James Tallmadge proposed missouri be free, shot down
    • -maine passed as state, mo paired with maine for equality
    • -maine free, mo state
    • -missouri has no restrictions on slavery
    • -mo slave, maine free
  19. stono rebellion
    • -slave rebellion prior to american revolution led by illiterate slave with other slaves who killed 22 whited
    • -established penalties against harsh treatment of slaves
    • -negro act of 1750 banned assembly, educ., and movement of slaves
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