British Literature: Beowulf Vocabulary

  1. scop
    composer and storyteller of Anglo-Saxton poetry
  2. moored
    anchored or secured ship
  3. gables
    decorative triangular roof structures
  4. wergild
    a fine paid to the relatives of a murder victim to free the offender from punishment or revenge
  5. linden
    soft, ligtht wood
  6. mead
    an achoholic beverage made with fermented honey and water, similar to ale
  7. vexed
    angry or upset
  8. gorges
    over indulges; eats greedily
  9. sentinel
    someone standing watch; a guard
  10. talons
  11. sinews
    tendons; thin strong muscles
  12. hoary
    aged; grayed or white haired
  13. pyre
    a funeral vessel/structure
  14. hoard
    a large group or collection
  15. scabbard
    sheath/holder mainly for swords
  16. runic
    a form of ancient writing based on a Germanic influenced alphabet
  17. solace
    comfort, cheer or consolation
  18. niggardly
    stingy, penny-pinching
  19. skulked
    lurked, moved stealthily
  20. scruples
    a personal set of morals/values/standards taken into account before making a decision
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British Literature: Beowulf Vocabulary
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