Building Construction

  1. Two or more interconnected structural components combined to meet a specific function or design requirement is known as a?
  2. Which of the following is a horizontal structural component subjected to vertical loads?
    A) Beam
    B) Column
    C) Parapet
    D) Gusset plate
  3. An open space between the roof and ceiling of a commercial or industrial building?
  4. A nonload-bearing interior wall extending down from a roof or ceiling to limit the horizontal spread of fire and heat?
    Curtain board
  5. The total potential heat releases if a building and its contents burned?
    Fire Load
  6. A pitched roof characterized by the square-cut ends and sides that slope down from the ridge line to the eaves?
    Gable Roof
  7. A wooden structural member composed of relatively short pieces of lumber glued and laminated together under pressure to form a long, extremely strong beam?
    Glue-lam beam
  8. Roof characterized by steeply sloped facets surrounding a flat or nearly flat center section?
    Mansard roof
  9. Is a mixture of sand, cement, and water used to bond masonr units into a solid mass.
  10. Is a wooden structural panel formed by gluing and compressing wood strands together underpressure?
    Oriented strand board
  11. The ratio of rise-to-span of a roof assembly
  12. Which of the following is the top or bottom horizontal member of a frame wall?
  13. Beams that span from a rigde board to an exterior wall plate to support their hit
  14. Polywood, osb, or a wooden planking applied to a wall or roof over which a weather-resistant convering is applied?
  15. Degradation to concrete due to prolonged exposure to high hight?
  16. A type of wood-frame construction in which the studs in exteriaor to high heat?
    Balloon Frame
  17. Horizontal structure member used to support beams or joists?
  18. Pitched roof that slopes in one direction only from the ridge?
    Shed roof
  19. A pitched roof in which the ends are all beveled so there are no gable walls?
    Hip roof
  20. The main structural members of a truss as distinguished from diagonals?
  21. Most common building material used in North America?
  22. B/c masonary materials do not burn, a variety of masonry walls are used in the construction of?
    Fire walls
  23. Commonly used as an exterior surface covering and is typically found only on older buildings?
    Cast iron
  24. The primary material used for structural support in the construction of large mondern buildings?
  25. The following has the compressive strength of concrete along with the tensile strength of steel?
    Reinforced concrete
  26. The following is an inorganic product from which plaster and wallboards are constructed?
  27. Which of the following is primarily used for insulation purposes?
  28. Type of construction known as a Fire-resistive construction?
    Type 1
  29. Type of construction for commonly used to construct the typical single family residence or apartment housr of up to seven stories?
    Type 5
  30. Type of constrution for Heavy-timber construction?
    Type 4
  31. Type of construction that collapse due to flame impingement of heavy beams?
    Type 4
  32. Type of construction confines fire well and is impervious to water damage but is difficult to breach for access or escape?
    Type 1
  33. Types of constrution is known as non combustible construction?
    type 2
  34. Types of construction resists fire spread from the outside but is susceptible to water damage?
    Type 3
  35. Type of construction known as Ordinary construction?
    Type 3
  36. What temp do steel trusses begin to fail?
    1,000 degrees F
  37. Unprotected light weight steel trusses can fail after how many mins of exposure to fire?
    5 to 10 mins
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