Chapter 4

  1. inequity
    injustice;unfairness;an instance of injustice
  2. innovation
    a new custom, method, or invention; something newly introduced
  3. subjective
    based on personal opinions, feelings, and attitudes; not objective
  4. deterrent
    something that discourages or prevents a certain action
  5. succinct
    expressed clearly in a few words; to the point; concise
  6. revitalize
    to renew the strength and energy of; restore to a vigorous, active condition
  7. infirmity
    a physical weakness or defect; ailment
  8. sparse
    distributed thinly; not thick or crowded
  9. infringe
    to intrude or trespass on; to go beyond the limits considered proper
  10. implication
    an idea that is communicated indirectly, through a suggestion or hint
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