week 5 radiation protection

  1. what is the most effective method of reducing a pt's exposure to x-radiation?
    fast film
  2. what is the fastest film speed?
    how much more exposure does it reduce than e-speed?
    • f-speed (insight)
    • 20% faster than e-speed
  3. what setting of kVp keeps the pt exposure to a minimum?
    70 to 90 kVp
  4. all retakes must be ______
  5. is proper film handling necessary to produce diagnostic radiographs?
  6. does proper film processing eliminate exposure to x-radiation?
  7. operator protection guidelines = operator must avoid the _______ beam
  8. you should stand 6 feet away and _________ to the primary beam
  9. is it ever ok to hold the film or tubehead for the patient?
  10. you should stand behind a __________ ___________ when taking a radiograph
    protective barrier
  11. what is leakage radiation?
    any radiation emitted from the dental tubehead, except the primary beam
  12. where is the film badge worn?
    it should never be worn when?
    • waist level
    • when undergoing x-ray exposure
  13. when was the standardized performance of x-ray equipment?
    when was the equipment usage and certification rule applied?
    • 1968
    • 1981
  14. what is the MPD?
    maximum permissible dose = the dose of radiation the body can endure with little or no injury
  15. how much radiation can an occupational employer recieve/year?
    non-occupational and pregnant exposure =
    • 5 rems
    • 0.5 rems
  16. how do you figure out the maximum accumulated dose?
    MAD= (N-18) X 5 = rems/yr
  17. how many mrems come from a dental x-ray?
    10 mrems
  18. what is ALARA?
    as low as reasonably achievable
  19. how can patient education about radiation protection be presented?
    • informal conversation
    • printed literature

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