German Vocab

  1. a
    dash, papa
  2. a:
    either long "a" as in care or short as in belt
  3. au
    always long: house
  4. a:u
    • always long: boy, Fra:ulein
    • although in names like Mattha:us or Irena:us, "a" and "u" pronounced separately
  5. b
    • when final, pronounce as a "p" but unaspirated
    • Jacob
  6. ch
    • after "a", "o", "u" and "au" pronounce gutterally (Bach, Tochter, auch)
    • In "Christ" pronounce as a "k"
  7. d
    when final, pronounce "t" but unaspirated (und)
  8. e
    • either long as obey, but with narrower lips be'be',
    • or short as dress
  9. ei
    eye (ein)
  10. eu
    boy (euch)
  11. g
    • initially "g" as in got;
    • when final, pronounce "k" but unaspirated
  12. h
    • initial: "h" as in her;
    • after vowel, elongates vowel "Sohn";
    • between vowels, not pronounces "sehen"
  13. i
    • either long "see"
    • or short "kiss"
  14. ie
    always long - see
  15. j
    pronounced "y"
  16. k
    always pronounced even initially before n (Knecht)
  17. o
    • either long as boat
    • or short as got
  18. o:
    • either long as whirl (w/ lips pushed forward; erlo:ser)
    • or short like Fr "peu" (Go:tter)
  19. qu
    pronounced "kv" (Quelle)
  20. r
  21. s
    • before vowel, pronounced "z"
    • finally, always pronounced "s"
  22. sch
    pronounced "sh"
  23. sp
  24. ss
    same as B/S
  25. st
    • at beginning of syllable: sht
    • at end of syllable: st
  26. th
  27. u
    either long as moot or short as push
  28. u:
    • either long as eat, but with lips pushed forward to a point
    • or short (same sound shortened)
  29. v
    pronounced "f"
  30. w
    pronounced "v"
  31. y
    • pronounced as u:
    • long: eat
    • short: it
  32. z
    pronounced "ts"
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