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  1. Army Programs
    What does ASAP stand for?
    Army Substance Abuse Program
  2. What is the mission of ASAP?
    The ASAP's mission is to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army's total workforce and to enhance the combat readiness of its Soldiers.
  3. What is meant by deglamorization of alcohol?
    Personnel will not promote any function glamorizing the use of alcohol through drinking contests, games, initiations, or the awarding of alcoholic beverages as prizes in contests.
  4. What army Regulation covers ASAP?
    AR 600-85
  5. Is ASAP participationi mandatory for individuals that are command referred?
    ASAP participation is mandatory for all soldiers who are command reffered. Failure to attend a mandatory counseling session may constitute a violation of Article 86 or the UCMJ.
  6. What are the ways that soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem?
    • -Voluntary (self-identification)
    • -Commander/supervisor identification
    • -Biochemical identification (drug test)
    • -Medical identification
    • -Investigation and or Apprehension
  7. Commanders may direct drug testing under what condition?
    • -Unit inspections. (either the entire or part of the unit)
    • -Search and seizures/probable cause
    • -Competence for Duty
    • -Rehabilitation
    • -Mishap of Safety Inspection
    • -Consent (specimen may be provided voluntarily by a soldier)
    • -New Entrant
    • -Medical
  8. All ASAP referrals are accomplished by the Commander or 1SG using what form?
    by Completing and signing the DA 8003 referral form.
  9. Can soldiers that are enrolled in as ASAP rehabilitation program reenlist?
    Soldiers currently enrolled in the ASAP rehabilitation program are not allowed to reenlist. However, soldiers who need additional service time to complete their enrollment may be extended for the number of months necessary to permit completion.
  10. Will soldiers who are command referred to ASAP be flagged?
    Yes, IAW AR600-8-2 (Suspension of Favorable Action (flags)).
  11. ACS-Army Community Service
    What Does ACS stand for?
    Army Community Service
  12. What does the ACS symbol represent?
    the Heart=giving

    the Cross=help

    the Gyroscope=stability
  13. What is the ACS mission statement?
    -Facilitate comander's ability to provide comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive services that support readiness of soldiers, civilian employeers and their families.

    -Maximize technology and resources, adapt to unique installation requirements, eliminate duplication in service delivery, and measure service effectivieness
  14. What army Regulation covers ACS?
    AR 608-1
  15. How is ACS staffed for the most part?
    by Volunteers
  16. What is the motto of the ACS?
    Self-help, sevice and stability.
  17. Who qualifies for ACS?
    in the United States, the following personnel are eligible for ACS assistance:

    -all active duty and retired military personnel and their family memebers, if otherwise eligibel for services.

    -Members of the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve when on active duty and their family members, if otherwise eligibel for services

    -Army appropriated fund(APF) and non appropriated fund(NAF) employees and their family members, if otherwise eligibel for services.

    -family members of prisoners of war or personnel mission in action, if otherwise eligible for services.

    -Surviving family members of military personnel who died while on active duty, if otherwise eligibel for services.

    in overseas commands, the Commander will dertmine eligibility according to intenational treatise and agreements.
  18. What can you do to help ACS?
    Donate staple foodstuff to the food lockers, usable household goods, and volunteer your time
  19. ACES-Army continuing Education Center
    what Regulation covers the ACES?
    AR 621-5
  20. what regulation covers Army learning Centers?
    AR 621-6
  21. What are the goals of ACES?
    • Develop confident, competent leaders.
    • -support the enlistment, retention, and transition of soldiers.
    • -provide self-development opportunities for soldiers and adult family members.
    • -provide self-development opportunites for DACs.
    • -provide self-development opportunites for DAC ACES professional oand support staff
  22. what does TABE stand for?
    Test of Adult Basic Education
  23. how much of your tution does the tuitioin assistance grant pay?
  24. name some federal financial aid programs available to soldiers through ACES
    • Pell Grant
    • Perkins Loans
    • Guaranteed Student Loans
  25. what are some of the Basic servies offered by the Army Continuing Education Center?
    • 1. Basic skills educatioin program (BSEP)
    • 2. Advanced Skills education program (ASEP)
    • 3. High school completion program
    • 4. service members opportunity colleges associates degree program (SOCAD)
    • 5. Veteran's educational assistance program (VEAP)/montgomery G.I. Bill (MGIB)
    • 6. skill recognition programs
    • 7. command language programs (head start- Gateway)
    • 8. Defense Activity for non-traditional education support (DANTES)
    • 9. Education couonseling services
    • 10. learning resource centers
  26. What soldier development programs does ACES provide?
    • 1. functional academic skills training (FAST)
    • 2. high school completion program
    • 3. english-as-a-second Language (ESL)
    • 4. mission-related language (head start and gateway)
    • 5. mission-required language.
    • 6. MOS improvement training (MOSIT)
  27. What does DANTES stand for?
    Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
  28. what does DANTES do?
    DANTES provides standardized testing services free to military personnel. Family members and civilians may take DANTES tests but must pay for each test taken.
  29. soldiers with a GT score of less than 110 should be referred to what?
    BSEP-soldiers with a GT less then 100 are normally automatically eligibel. soldiers with a GT between 100 and 110 may be command referred.
  30. soldiers who begin their active service after what date are elgible to receive the new GI bill?
    July 1985, but the are required to pay $100 per month for the first 12 months
  31. what does SOC stand for?
    Service members Opportunity Colleges
  32. what does SOCAD stand for?
    Service members Opportunity College Army Degrees
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