Elbow Special Tests

  1. Ligamentous Instability Tests
    • Valgus Stress for Ulner Collateral Lig
    • Medial Gap @ 15 degrees Flexion
    • Medial Gap @ 90 degrees Flexion
    • Varus Stress for Radial Collateral Lig
    • Lateral Gap @ 20-30 degrees Flexion
    • + Pain and/or excessive movement
  2. Tinel Sign
    • Tap ulner NN in cubital tunnel
    • + Tingling, parasthesia, recreation of symptoms
  3. Mill's Test (Tennis Elbow)
    • pt makes fist, flexes wrist with Ulner Dev, Pronation, elbow Ext
    • Therapist adds POP to stress CET and extensors
    • + increased pain in CET

    NOTE: puts stress on radial NN! May elicit S&S
  4. Cozen's Method
    • Resisted wrist EXT and Rad Dev
    • + increased pain in CET
  5. Golfer's Elbow Stretch Test
    • pt makes a fist, Extends wrist, Rad Dev, Supination and elbow Ext
    • Therapist adds POP to stress CFT and Flexors
    • + Increased pain in CFT
  6. Golfer's Elbow Resisted Test
    • Resisted active wrist Flexion with Ulner Dev
    • This stresses the CFT
    • + Increased pain
  7. Elbow Flexion Test
    • pt seated
    • pt fully flexes elbows with wrist extended
    • (hand position like hang clean end position)
    • Holds for 3-5 minutes
    • + tingling and/or paresthesia in Ulner NN distribution
  8. Pronator Teres Syndrome Test
    • pt seated, Flex elbow to 90 degrees
    • pt performs resisted Pronation, while therapist passively extends elbow
    • + Tingling in Median NN distribution (palm+fingers)

    NOTE: lack of palm distribution is DDX for CTS
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