Word List 30

  1. mausoleum
    monumental tomb
  2. mauve
    pale purple
  3. mealymouthed
    indirect in speech
  4. meander
    to wind or turn in its course
  5. medley
  6. meek
    submissive; docile
  7. mania
    excessive excitement or enthusiasm; craze
  8. megalomania
    mania for doing grandiose things
  9. mellifluous
    sweetly or smoothly flowing; melodious
  10. memento
    token; reminder
  11. menagerie
    collection of wild animals
  12. mendacious
    lying; dishonest
  13. mendicant
  14. menial
    suitable for servants; lowly; mean
  15. mercantile
    concerning trade
  16. mercurial
    capricious; changing; fickle
  17. meretricious
    flashy; tawdry
  18. metallurgical
    the technique or science of separating metals from their ores
  19. metaphysical
    highly abstract, subtle, or abstruse
  20. mete
    to measure; distribute
  21. meteoric
    swift; momentarily brilliant
  22. mettle
    courage; spirit
  23. miasma
    an unwholesome or oppressive atmosphere
  24. microcosm
    small world; the world in miniature
  25. milieu
    surroundings; environment
  26. militant
    combative; bellicose
  27. militate
    to work against
  28. minatory
    menacing; threatening
  29. fastidious
    very critical; hard to please; requiring or characterized by excessive care or delicacy; painstaking
  30. mincing
    affectedly dainty or elegant
  31. affected
    assumed artificially; unnatural; feigned
  32. minute
    extremely small
  33. minutiae
    petty details
  34. mirage
    optical illusion
  35. mire
    to entangle; stick in swampy ground
  36. mirth
    merryment; laughter
  37. misapprehension
  38. miscellany
    mixture of writings on various subjects
  39. mischance
    ill luck; misadventure
  40. miscreant
    wretch; villian
  41. misdemeanor
    minor crime
  42. miserly
    stingy; niggardly
  43. misgiving
  44. mishap
    an unfortunate accident
  45. misnomer
    a misapplied or inappropriate name or designation
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