IT Quiz 4

  1. Marketing has repeated asked the IT department about the possibility of aligning the new marketing plan with the company's web site. They would like the new web site to be able to support more active content and permit customers to query an online catalog. You let them know that this is currently being considered and seeing if this new business strategy can be translated into a viable plan of action. This would be part of which ONE of
    the following?
    a. Enterprise architecture
    b. IT infrastructure
    c. System architecture
    d. Server upgrade program
    e. IT strategy
    Enterprise architecture
  2. Janet and Steve from accounting would like to be able to access their files from anywhere in the companies building. They routinely hold meetings in the lobby, cafeteria, and sometime outside on the benches in the park next to the office building. You mention to them that you are concerned because of confidentiality issues related to the files that they wish to access remotely. Which characteristic of an IT architecture are you concerned with?
    a. Security
    b. Flexibility
    c. Scalability
    d. Software
    e. Controls
  3. Mary from accounting is asking about the new plan to upgrade the servers that host the accounting software package for the company. You explain to her that you are in the process of getting technical specifications for the hardware and pricing so that you can place the order. This would be part of which of the following plans?
    a. IT architecture
    b. IT infrastructure
    c. System architecture
    d. Server upgrade program
    e. IT Strategy
    IT infrastructure
  4. Which of the following maps domain names to their IP addresses:
    a. HTML
    b. WAP
    c. XML
    d. DNS
    e. Wi-Fi
  5. A telecommunications network that requires its own dedicated channels and that encompasses a limited
    distance, usually one building or several buildings in close proximity, best describes:
    a. WAN
    b. LAN
    c. ATM
    d. VAN
    e. MAN
  6. Which ONE of the following criteria is not applicable for the IT infrastructure?
    a. Growth requirements/scalability
    b. Strategic time frame
    c. Standardization
    d. Maintainability
    e. Staff experience
    Strategic time frame
  7. When developing a framework for transforming _________________________ into architecture and then into infrastructure there are basic components to consider such as hardware, and software.
    a. Corporate concepts
    b. Corporate mission
    c. Organization goals
    d. System strategy
    e. Business strategy
    Business Strategy
  8. Which term describes how well an infrastructure component can adapt to increased or decreased demands?
    a. Modularity
    b. Quantity
    c. Scalability
    d. Flexibility
    e. Availability
  9. The range of frequencies that can be accommodated on a particular telecommunications channel is the:
    a. Byte count
    b. Bandwidth
    c. Topology
    d. Bit speed
    e. Transmission ratio
  10. _____ is the current standard for wireless networks:
    a. 802.11
    b. TCP/IP
    c. SMTP
    d. DNS
    e. 811.2
  11. What is an example of another architecture that is designed to translate strategy into architecture and then
    into a detailed infrastructure?
    a. Saunders
    b. TCP/IP
    c. Mainframe
    d. Client/Server
    e. Zachman
  12. ABCD Enterprises recently acquired another company that has a very weak IT architecture. In order to bring the architecture up to the standards ABCD should consider a complete overhaul starting with this?
    a. Translate strategic goals to business requirements
    b. Define the strategic goals
    c. Plan for growth
    d. Apply SOA architecture model
    e. Assess the strategic time frame
    Define the strategic goals
  13. What is a key technical consideration, because the complexity of these systems increases the number of
    things that can go wrong, need fixing, or simply need replacing?
    a. Maintainability
    b. Scalability
    c. Operationalizing
    d. Modularity
    e. Standardization
  14. A small company in Des Moines wants to set up an IT architecture for its workforce. The company recently moved to an older building that has solid walls and ceilings. Furthermore, most of the staff like the flexibility of moving around the open office space to perform work on their laptops. Which architecture makes most sense for this company?
    a. Mainframe
    b. Client/server
    c. Peer-to-Peer
    d. Wireless
    e. Server-to-server
  15. This includes the hardware, software, data, and network components of a business.
    a. IS infrastructure
    b. IS architec
    c. ERP systems
    d. Groupware systems
    e. Business processes
    IS infrastructure
  16. Fiber-optic cable consists of:
    a. Glass fibers wound with copper wire
    b. Strands of clear glass fibers
    c. Twisted pairs of glass fibers
    d. Glass fibers transmitting an analog signal
    e. Dedicated 10-megabit lines
    Strands of clear glass fibers
  17. Which architecture is an approach that defines a service or an interface as a reusable piece of software?
    a. TOGAF
    b. Mainframe
    c. SOA
    d. Client/server
    e. Zachman
  18. What is a protocol?
    a. The standards that specify the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during transmission
    b. A global public network of computer networks that pass information from one to another using common computer protocols
    c. A global hypertext system that uses the Internet as its transport mechanism
    d. The Internet standard that support the exchange of information on the WWW
    The standards that specify the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during transmission
  19. What is a detailed process for recovering information or an IT system in the event of a catastrophic disaster
    such as a fire or flood?
    a. Hot site
    b. Disaster recovery plan
    c. Disaster recovery cost curve
    d. None of the above
    Disaster recovery plan
  20. What includes the plans for how an organization will build, deploy, use, and share its data, processes, and IT
    a. Enterprise architecture
    b. Information architecture
    c. Infrastructure architecture
    d. None of the above
    Enterprise architecture
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