Bio Ch 6

  1. What are somatic cells
    Body cells
  2. What are gametes
    Sex cells
  3. What are homologous chromosomes
    Two chromosomes-one from the mother and one from the father- that have the same length and general appearance
  4. What are autosomes
    Chromosomes that contain genes for characteristics not directly related to the sex of an organism
  5. What are sex chromosomes
    Chromosomes that control development of sexual characteristics
  6. What is fertilization
    The fusion of an egg and sperm cell
  7. What does diploid mean
    A cell has two copies of each chromosome: one from the mother and one from the father. Diploid chromosome number is 46.
  8. What is a haploid
    A cell has only 1 copy of each chromosome.
  9. What is meiosis
    A form of nuclear divison that divides diploid into haploid cells
  10. What is gametogenesis
    Production of gametes
  11. What are polar bodies
    Cells with little more than DNA that are eventually broken down
  12. What are traits
    Distinguishing characteristics that are inherited
  13. What is a cross
    The mating of two organisms
  14. What is a gene
    A piece of DNA that provides a set of instructions to a cell to make a certain protein
  15. What is an allele
    An alternative forms of a gene that may occur at a specific locus.
  16. What does homozygous mean
    Two of the same alleles at a specific locus
  17. What does heterozygous mean
    Two different alleles at a specific locus
  18. What is a genome
    All of an organisms genetic material
  19. What is a genotype
    The genetic makeup of a specific set of genes
  20. What is a phenotype
    Collection of an organisms physical characteristics
  21. What is a dominant allele
    Allele that is expressed when two different alleles or two dominant alleles are present
  22. What is a recessive allele
    An allele that is expressed when only two copies are present
  23. Punett Square
    A grid system fr predicting all possible genotypes resulting from a cross
  24. Monohybrid Cross
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