Word List 31

  1. misogamy
    hatred of marriage
  2. misogynist
    hater of women
  3. missive
  4. gnat
    very small fly
  5. modicum
    limited quantity
  6. modish
  7. mogul
    powerful person
  8. mollycoddle
    pamper; indulge excessively
  9. molt
    shed or cast off hair or feathers
  10. momentous
    very important
  11. monochromatic
    having only one color
  12. monolithic
    solidly uniform; unyielding
  13. monotheism
    belief in one God
  14. moratorium
    legal delay of payment
  15. mores
    conventions; moral standards; customs
  16. mordant
    biting; sarcastic
  17. mortician
    undertaker; a person whose profession is the preparation of the dead for burial or cremation and the management of funerals; funeral director
  18. mote
    small speck
  19. motif
  20. motley
    multicolored; mixed
  21. mottled
    blotched in coloring; spotted
  22. mountebank
    charlatan; quack
  23. muggy
    warm and damp
  24. defraud
    to deprive of a right, money, or property by fraud
  25. mulct
    to defraud a person of something; swindle
  26. multifarious
    varied; greatly diversified
  27. multiplicity
    the state of being numerous
  28. munificent
    very generous
  29. muse
    to ponder
  30. musty
    stale; outdated; antiquated
  31. maim
    to deprive of the use of some part of the body by wounding or the like; cripple; mutilate
  32. mutinous
    unruly; rebellious
  33. myopic
    nearsighted; lacking foresight
  34. myriad
    very large number
  35. nadir
    lowest point
  36. narcissist
    conceited person
  37. nascent
    incipient; coming into being
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