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  1. Voltair:
    religion becomes more scientific .. Deisim
  2. Denis diderot:
    encyclopedia to put all knowledge into one place and change the way of thinking
  3. John locke:
    babies were born with blank mind and things are nurtured
  4. Jean jacques russeau:
    social contract
  5. Adam smith:
    les ai fer economics
  6. Deisim:
    god is a mechanic
  7. Socialism:
    karl marx to make everyone equal.. Bushasy and proliteriats
  8. Proletariat:
    working class
  9. Utilitarianism:
    greatest happiness for the mayority jeremy benthem
  10. Ehat is humanism?
    Centered the attention in the individual
  11. how did humanism reflect in art?
    Less religious figures and more about people and realistic ( caravagio ) perspective
  12. Give me three causes for the population in industrial revolution? Describe 4 factors that brouhght the industrial revolution in britain explosion?
    resources new technology and that the government stabiltity economy was stable had alot of income coming from the colonies
  13. Compare litheranism and catholicism in terms of salvation sacraments the clergie mariage church services?
  14. Contrast the ultilitarians and socialists and how tyhey wanted to solve the economic problems of the industrial revolution?
    Utilitarians: the society should strive to offer the greast happinnes to the majority... Socialists: no classes and equality
  15. 4 main ideas of the enlightment:
    • knnowledge should serve people
    • Pursuit of hapinneess
    • Pleasure is good.
    • Science is good and useful
  16. Why did britain break away from the catholi church?
    Because henry the 8 wanted to annul his marriage with katherine of aragon but catholisism did not accept it so he decided to seperate from the catholic church and create his own church called anglican (mixute of protestantism and catholisism)
  17. What 3 factor brought back the reform of the catholic church?
    Chruch prohibit indulgence/ world wide movement to convert people/ ignacio d loyola founded jesuits / treaty councel of trent
  18. 3 ideas about gov that evolved in england that have influenced the modern world?
    Madnacarta constitution(rights of individuals are written down) / bill of rights/ parliament
  19. How are the ideas og the enlightment put into practice with the creation of the USA?
    Dividing the gov into branmches/ democratic ideas/ pursuit of hapiness/ all men are equal
  20. What is the intellectual movement of the renaissance?
    Hummanism basic idea was to take the enfasis off of the gods and emphasize human being
  21. Person who provided helpo to artist?
  22. Renaissance good method
  23. To achieve realimsm renaissance artists payed attention to...
    Anatomy/ publi opinion/ landscape
  24. Nicolo machiavelli wrote
    the prince
  25. Utopia was thought about by
    thomas moore and was excetuted by the king because didnt follow direction.
  26. Vernacular?
    Regional language
  27. The bible was translated by
    desidarius erasmus
  28. John van eik:
    oil paiting
  29. Guttenburg?
    Printing press
  30. What do miguel cervantes shakespear have in common?
    Renaissance writers and helped the development of their own language
  31. Predestination?
    That god has already known who gains salvation and who doesnt
  32. Recant?
    Take back your saying (martin luther was exciliated because he did not recant)
  33. The anabaptists sought closer ties between the curch and gov...
  34. As queen elizabeth the 1 was written
    false! (Open religious beliefs)
  35. Jesuits?
    Spread christianity across europe
  36. Who were most likely witches?
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