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  1. performs both as exocrine glands and endocrine glands
  2. Found in the pubic, anal, and mammary regions; opens into hair follicles
    Apocrine Glands (sweat gland)
  3. what type of sweat gland is present almost everywhere and help the body to dissipate excessive heat?
    Eccrine Gland
  4. What are the four lobes of the brain?
    Frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, and occipital lobe
  5. What is the smooth inner layer of the heart?
  6. What separates the chambers of the heart?
  7. What are the classifications of bones?
    long bones (tubular), short bones (cuboidal), flat bones, irregular, sesamoid (rounded; found near joints, kneecap)
  8. What are the three parts of stomach?
    Fundus (upper part), body (middle part), and antrum/pylorus (lower part)
  9. How many pairs of ribs does the body have?
    12; the first 7 pairs are true ribs. The next 3 pairs are false ribs because they are attached to the 7th ribs instead of directly to the sternum. The last 2 pairs are floating ribs.
  10. What are the types of muscles?
    Cardiac muscle, skeletal (straited voluntary) muscle, and involuntary smooth
  11. What are the two layers of skin?
    Epidermis and Dermis
  12. What gland is located behind optic nerve and considered the "Master Gland"?
    Pituitary Gland (Hypophysis)
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