GBU 204 Exam2

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolutions include:
    Negotiation and Settlement; Arbitration; Mediation; Minitrials; Private Trials; Summary Jury Trials; and Early neutral case evaluation
  2. Method in which disputant parties come together informally to try to resolve their differences.
    Negotiation and Settlement
  3. Arbitrtor's decision
  4. Duties are created by the civil law. Performance of the duty is enforced by the injured party suing the other party. Violating the duty results in the payment of money damages.
  5. The parties to the contract create duties to each other. Performance of the obligor’s duty is enforced by the obligee suing the other party. Violating the duty results in an order for specific performance (equity) or in the payment of money damages (law).
  6. The statutory law prohibits certain conduct. Those who violate the law are prosecuted and punished (prison and/or payment of fines) by the government.
    Criminal Law
  7. actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea
    the act does not make a person guilty unless the mind is also guilty
  8. Actus Reas
    Guilty act
  9. Mens Rea
    Guilty mind.
  10. Policy decision; don’t encourage crime) Can’t induce the innocent to committ crime; Must show some predisposition
  11. Mens rea impossible; At time of the crime; Couldn’t understand the nature of the act
    Insanity Defense
  12. artificial mens rea; not generally available for murder
    Duress Defense
  13. Vitiates criminal intent
    Mistake of Fact defense
  14. True or false: Mistake of law is a defense
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