Week 6 Vocab

  1. phantasmagoric
    (adj) a rapidly changing series of images
  2. eminence
    (n) position of great distinctness
  3. cloister
    (n) a monestary or a convent
  4. discerning
    (v) to understand, to percieve or to comprehend
  5. furrowed
    (adj) wrinkled
  6. heterogeneous
    (adj) of different orgins or not of the same kind
  7. abate
    (v) to make less or deduct
  8. convulsive
    (adj) violent
  9. writhing
    (adj) twisted or contorted
  10. imperceptible
    (adj) not noticeable
  11. sagacity
    (n) wisdom
  12. genial
    (adj) cheerful or friendly
  13. exhort
    (v) to urge, to beg or to plead
  14. lofty
    (adj) high or elevated
  15. tremulous
    (adj) quivering or trembling
  16. pervaded
    (v) to spread throughout
  17. quietude
    (n) calmness
  18. demeanor
    (n) manner or personality
  19. peremptory
    (adj) undeniable, final or absolute
  20. sojourn
    (n) visit or a brief or temporary stay
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