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  1. Why was the industrial Revolution a turning point in history?
    • -rural way of life began to dissapear
    • -new ways of communication (telegrams)
    • -villages grew into industrial towns and cities
    • -stores offered machine-made goods
    • -new ways of travelings such as trains and steamship
    • -new inventions and scientific discoveries
  2. Some new inventions:
    • -invented pain killers or anesthetics
    • -fist dewing machine,
    • -measured speed of light
    • -reduced risk of women dying during childbirth
  3. John Kay:
    flying shuttle for weavers
  4. James Hargreaves:
    spinning jenny
  5. Richard Arckwright:
    water frame
  6. James Watt:
    Improved steam engine
  7. Transporation:
    • -George Stephenson: steam locomotive to pull carriages over iron trails
    • -Robert fulton: steamboat used for trade and transpot over water.
  8. Urbanization: movement of people to cities
  9. tenements: multihistory buildings divided into crowded apartments.
  10. Hardships during industrial life:
    • -buildings had no sewage or sanitation system. Cholera and other diseases spread rapidly.
    • -workers faced a rigid schedules of 12 to 16 hours a day.
    • -workers suffered accidents from machines that had no safety device
    • -they lost their fingers, limbs or lives
    • -Coal dust destroyed their lungs
    • -textile workers breathed the air filled with lint.
  11. Woman Workers:
    Women were payed less and were obligated to work the same as any men.
  12. child labor:
    children bacame slaves to the machines. Kids started to work to maintain their families. Factory owners took advantage of children's innocent life and payed less than they deserved and lacked education. Slowly, parliament passed laws to regulate child labor.
  13. Luddites:
    Artisans and skilled workers protested against machines and they burned and destroyed machines.
  14. Methodism:
    new religious movement founded by John Wesley that stressed personal sense of faith and moral ways.
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