zoology Lab Readings

  1. What cna porifera be equated to in laymens terms
    Porifera are sponges
  2. what types of symetry do sponges show
    Radial or asymetricle
  3. In its simplest form what do sponges resemble?
    A Hollow tube with one end of it closed
  4. What is the hollow tube of a sponge called?
  5. How many layers of CELLS does the tube wall consist of
    TWO layers of cells
  6. How many layers in total does the sponges walls have
    • three layers
    • Two layers of cells
    • and a gelatinous layer
  7. What is the name of the outside layer of cells of a sponge
    PINACOCYTES is the outside layer of cells of a sponge
  8. What is the innermost layer of cells called
  9. Whats special about CHOANOCYTES
    they are flagellated
  10. What internal sturcture supports sponges soma
    Spicules support the sponges body
  11. What are the incurrent pores called
    ostium (singular)
  12. whats the name for the excurrent hole (usually one big one at the top)
  13. What are the three body types of sponges
    • 1. Asconoid
    • 2. Syconoid
    • 3. Leuconoid
  14. Verbelaly descrie the key aspect of the ASCONOID body type in sponges
    ASCONOID body type simply has perferations thoruhgout its three layers taht go straight into the SPONGOCOEL
  15. What is the overall structure of the SYCONOID body type
    • SYCONOID body type has its OSTIA (incurrent pores) located on cilia like projects that occur from the sponges outer layer as such
    • l__
    • _ _l
    • l
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