1. what two types of data are part of the assessment phase?
    • subjective data
    • objective data
  2. what is subjective data
    • observation and interaction with pt
    • chief complaint
    • perception of health
    • care and value placed on oral health
  3. what is objective data?
    • physical and oral assessments
    • clinical and radiographic records
    • probing depths
    • loss of periodontal attachments
    • carious lesions
    • defective restorations
  4. what are the risks that are part of diagnosis?
    • actual risks
    • potential risks
  5. what are the two parts of diagnosis?
    • data processing
    • formulate the DH diagnosis
  6. what is data processing?
    • part of diagnosis
    • critical thinking skills
    • classification
    • interpretation
    • validation
  7. what are the 6 parts of the DH care planning?
    • establishing priorites
    • setting goals
    • determining interventions
    • identifying outcomes
    • present DH care plan to pt
    • receive an informed consent from pt
  8. what is implementation and who carries it out?
    • putting care plan into action
    • patient, DH or other based on needs
  9. what is the purpose of evaluation?
    determine if pt needs to be re-treated, referred or maintained
  10. how do you carry out evaluations?(4)
    • compare current health status to baseline
    • asses progress towards goals
    • determine change or modification of care plan
    • determine maintenance schedule
  11. what is maintenance?
    • part of evaluation
    • continuing care or supportive therapy
    • 3,4,or6 months
  12. who must be put on a maintenance plan?
    all patients must be put on a maintenance plan to prevent progression or recurrence of disease and maintain health
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