Military History Review

  1. Washington kept his mutinous officers from taking over the US government.
    New burgh conspiracy
  2. Pulling trigger strikes sparks into an exterior pan to fire the main charge.
    Flint lock
  3. Pull the trigger to bring a slow burning string to a pan to fire the main charge.
  4. This has settled more issues in history than any other factor.
  5. One of many terror groups created as a response to Reconstruction.
    Ku Klux Klan
  6. African American Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry regiments.
    Buffalo Soldiers
  7. Many Southerners created this to salvage their pride and justify their rebellion
    Myth of the lost cause
  8. President Jefferson sent Lewis & Clark to explore this area. It took 3 years.
    Louisiana Purchase
  9. Enclosed primer; quicker & more resistant to weather than what it replaced.
    Percussion Cap
  10. Expands to fit into grooves for load speed of musket with accuracy of rifle.
    Mine ball
  11. Treaty that gave Mexico $15 million for lands taken during Mexican War.
    San Patricios
  12. Getting supplies to the troops; the most severe challenge to military planners
  13. US troops who defected to fight for the enemy during the Mexican War
    Ninos Heroes
  14. The idea i late 1800's that wars were obsolete, so armies were unnecessary
    Business Pacifism
  15. Federal troops can't be comps without act of congress-coast Guard exempt.
    Posse Comitatus 1878
  16. Invented the world's first self powered machine gun in 1884
    Hiram Maxim
  17. First official US African American regiment , most famous battle is Ft. Wagner.
    54th Massachusetts
  18. Custer and much of the 7th Cavalry were annihilated by Indians here in 1876
    Little Big Horn
  19. This has settled more issues in history than any other factor
  20. Unsuccessfully used as bait to draw in Sam Houston, But not to rent cars
  21. Refused to retreat; one wrapped himself in a Mexican flag and jumped to his death
    Guadalupe Hidalgo
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