Eng 3 Vocab List 7 Quiz 10/5/10

  1. Hedonism
    n. the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life
  2. Hegemony
    n. Leadership, especially of one nation over another
  3. Hersey
    n. Any belief that is strongly opposed to established beliefs
  4. Hermetic
    adv. Impervious to external influence; airtight
  5. Obdurate
    adj. Stubborn; insensitive
  6. Obfuscate
    v. to darken; to confuse; to make confusing
  7. Narcissism
    n. excessive love of one's body or oneself
  8. Nebulous
    adj. Vague; hazy; indistinct
  9. Nefarious
    adj. evil; flagrantly wicked
  10. Oblique
    adj. Indirect; at an angle
  11. Disclose
    v. to reveal
  12. Conventional
    adj. usual; standard; normal
  13. Oblivion
    n. total forgetfulness; the state of being forgotten
  14. Wanton
    adj. Malicious; unjustifiable; unprovoked
  15. Vociferous
    adj. Loud; noisy
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Eng 3 Vocab List 7 Quiz 10/5/10
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