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  1. Factors that resulted in many Indian deaths on the great plains?
    Plains indians mostly Nomadic, many indians perished due to disease, massacre, elimination of buffalo herds
  2. What was the rationale for destroying the buffalo herds?
    to kill/hurt the native americans
  3. What were the effect of the Dawes Act?
    termination of Indian lands and alloting land to white men
  4. What was the Cattle Kingdom?
    The Cattle Kingdom refers to the open-range cattle industry that stretched from Texas into Montana in the 1870s and 1880s.
  5. Where did the cattle drives originate?
  6. What caused the cattle boom to collapse
    The over hunting of cattle, overgrazing of land, a growing beef surplus, and the closing of the open range/ bad winter and no rain
  7. What was the Homestead Act?
    people could lay rightful claim to a set amount of acreage if they lived on it for five years while also farming it
  8. What were sharecroppers?
    laborers were furnished land, farm animals, and tools on advance credit, (mostly black
  9. What were tenant farmers?
    rented the farm and had most of their own equipment
  10. What was the spoils system?
    The spoils system was used mainly by Andrew Jackson to replace government officials with people who would support him in making decisions.
  11. What was the impact of President Garfeild's assassination on reform?
    Supporters of civil service reform used the assassination to get some real legislation passed, the 1883 Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act
  12. How did both major political parties protray themselves late in the 19th century?
    republican-party of busnise

    democratic-party of farmers and laybors
  13. What were the progressive Amendments to the Constitution?
    16th - permitted Congress to levy taxes based on individuals income 17th - gave voters the power to elect their senators 18th - barred manufacture sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages 19th - granted women full voting rights
  14. What was the Australian Ballot?
    • The four parts of the "Australian Ballot"
    • 1. The ballot paper is printed at public expense.
    • 2. The ballot paper lists all candidates by position, as well as any other propositions.
    • 3. Ballot papers are distributed only at the polling place.
    • 4. Ballot papers are filled out by the voter in private. (secret ballot
  15. Why did many progressive reformers support prohibition?
    Reformers believed alcohol was often responsible for crime, poverty, and violence against women and children.
  16. What event SPARKED public outrage against unsafe working conditions?
    triangle Shirtwaist burning down
  17. What were general impulses behind progressive movement?
    Populist Party
  18. what were the civil amendments?
    13th 14th 15th eaqual rights
  19. Who were the carpetbaggers?
    carpetbaggers referred to a group of Northerners who moved to the South during the Reconstruction Period after the Civil War in the United States, which lasted from 1865 to 1877.The word carpetbagger has settled into modern usage to denote any outsider who attempts to gain political office or economic advantage.
  20. Who were the scalawags?
    In United States history, scalawag was a nickname for southern whites who supported Reconstruction following the Civil War.
  21. What were Jim Crow Laws?
    Segregation Laws
  22. was Supreme Court decision re: Plessy . Ferguson
    Plessy was found guilty
  23. How did farmers on the plains compensate for lack of timber for building materials?
  24. How did railroads effect mining industry and cattle production?
    made it grow
  25. How did railway companies encourage settlers to come to the west?
    loans which could be paid back over a number of years
  26. Who were the exodusters?
    The exodusters were African Americans who moved from the post-Reconstruction South to Kansas.
  27. What event marked the end of the frontier?
    The Land Rush
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